4. Twisted LoveSick – Sex Files


Content of a mature nature involving sexual situations. If you are underage, please find something else to read.

This is a fictional short created by me and the photos are all edited by me, as well, so please do not duplicate/copy. The characters are  from the Thai story, LoveSick, created by P’Hed.


Twisted LoveSick – Sex Files

By Jae

Earn climbs naked into the cool, shallow water of the pond. The water reaching up to his thighs, he thoroughly washes every nook and cranny of his body, running his soapy hands over his toned muscles and silky, dark hair.

His thoughts wonder, as they usually do when he is touching himself, to the cute Noh. Just thinking about Noh’s plump, red lips and that sexy ass, has Earn’s cock stiffening in his hand. He pictures those luscious lips wrapping around him, licking and sucking. Panting, Earn’s soapy hand slips faster up and down his sensitive flesh. His other hand slides up the ridges of his abdomen to the hard nubs of his nipples to pinch and caress. Earn imagines pushing his hard length into Noh’s tight hole, ramming into all of that hot, wet sweetness. His hand slides harder and faster, sending out shocks of heat to tingle his nerves until he’s ready to explode. “Oh, Fuck… Noh!” Groaning loudly, Earn’s body convulses in pleasure as thick, white liquid shoots out of the tip of his dick to float away with the waves of the water. He stands there, gasping for breath, and thinking how much better this will be when he has Noh for real.




“I don’t want to feel anymore.” Earn quietly says, his voice empty. “I don’t want to think about anything. I don’t want to remember anything.”

“I can help you with that.” Pete offers.

“How?” Even though he asks the question, Earn really doesn’t care what the answer is. If it will make everything go away for a while, he’ll do whatever Pete wants.

“Let me help you.” Pete slides a hand down Earn’s front to the buckle on his belt and quickly undoes it.

“What are you doing?” Grabbing his hand, Earn stops him from going further.

“I told you. I’m helping you.” Shaking off the hand, Pete opens the front of Earn’s shorts and pushes them down as far as he can reach before sliding his hand under the waist band of Earn’s boxers. “Close your eyes and let me take care of you.”

Pete’s warm hand curls around his soft cock and Earn’s eyes close as his dick twitches. A few soft strokes makes him hard and panting. Shifting lower, Pete pulls off Earn’s boxers and shorts, throwing them onto the floor. He crawls between Earn’s legs as his hand returns to stroking the smooth hard shaft. Pete gives the round mushroom head a tentative lick with his pink tongue before wrapping his soft lips around it making Earn groan in pleasure.

“I think you like that.” Pete teases, looking up at the blush on Earn’s face.

“Don’t fucking stop.” Earn pleads, pushing Pete’s head closer with his hands, his fingers laced through the straight, dark brown locks.

Complying with the demand, Pete slides his lips down the smooth sensitive skin as far as he can swallow, his hand covering the rest, and bobs his head. Earn’s grip in Pete’s hair tightens as his eyes almost cross from the warm, wet heat engulfing him. With each pass of those sinful lips, he grows bigger and harder until he’s ready to explode.

Feeling that Earn is on the edge, Pete pulls away. Earn groans in disappointment and tries to pull him back, but Pete breaks loose and stands up. He yanks off all of his clothes, exposing his naked skin and hard length to Earn’s heavy-lidded eyes. Climbing back on the bed, he unbuttons and pulls Earn’s shirt off, too, tossing it on the pile of discarded clothes.

Earn wraps a hand around Pete’s neck and pulls him down for a scorching kiss. There’s no sweetness or gentleness about it. It’s raw hunger and lust as he thrusts his tongue into Pete’s willing mouth. Their wet tongues clash and Earn rolls on top, his legs wedging themselves between Pete’s. Feeling the hardness press against his own has Pete digging his heels into the mattress as he tries to buck closer. Grabbing behind Pete’s knee with a free hand, Earn moves the leg higher and wider as he shifts his hips, rubbing their dicks together and making Pete moan.

Moving his firm lips from Pete’s mouth, Earn licks and nips down his neck before settling at the base. He grazes his teeth across the warm flesh making Pete shiver and then latches on with his mouth, sucking a beautifully dark bruise onto the skin as Pete grips his ears to hold him in place.

Kissing his way back up, Earn settles back on Pete’s mouth, their tongues dueling for dominance. His hand releases Pete’s leg and he rolls them onto their sides, his large hand going between to grasp both cocks. The juice seeping from the rounded heads helps his hand to glide easily over the hot, hard skin, making the guys gasp as he picks up speed.

“Fuck it.” Earn lets go and jerks open his nightstand, pulling out a bottle of lube and a package of unopened condoms. Tearing open the box, he pull out a foil wrapped condom and throws the box on top of the stand. Pete sits up, watching intently as Earn rips the foil and puts it on, his eyes flaring in lust.

Earn pushes Pete over onto his hands and knees, his round ass exposed. Squeezing a good amount of lube onto his fingers and dripping it between Pete’s soft cheeks, Earn massages the opening. Dipping one finger into the dark hole has Pete wincing. When his adds the second, Pete hisses at the intrusion. Earn reaches around and strokes Pete’s cock as his fingers slide in and out, widening the opening. When Pete moans in pleasure and starts moving his hips against Earn’s hand, Earn includes a third finger and Pete pulls away at the burning pain.

“Relax.” At the sound of Earn’s voice, Pete stops and Earn slowly wedges his dripping fingers in and out until he feels Pete loosen up. Slipping his fingers out, Earn positions himself behind Pete, lubes up his dick, and carefully pushes it in. Pete cries out, shoving his face into a pillow as Earn grabs his hips to hold him still and pushes forward until he’s all the way in.

“Oh my fucking god…fuck… fuck… I can’t…” Unable to stand the tight, hot pressure surrounding him, Earn slides part way out and pushes back in again. He rolls his hips back and forth, sweat glistening down the toned muscles of his back and chest. He presses in again and Pete’s head whips up, his whimpers of pain changing into a loud moan of surprised pleasure.

“Do that again.” Begging, Pete shoves his ass back against Earn. “Please. Please again.”

Earn pounds into Pete over and over, Pete gasping anytime he hits that spot. His movements get more frantic and his thrusts get faster. Reaching down, Pete strokes his own turgid length, matching Earn’s pace stroke for stroke. The next hit on his abused prostate, sends Pete over the edge as several pearly white ropes shoot out, coating the sheet beneath. Pete’s ass tightens around Earn’s sensitive cock and Earn shouts as presses in as deep as he can go, filling the end of the condom with his own release.

“Oh God, Noh. I love you.” Earn says raggedly, as he bends over, pressing his forehead into Pete’s back.


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