3. Only One You


Chapter 3: Only One You

The evening is warm and a lot of people are out and about, finding entertainment and fun. I see a few people I know but they are all out on dates or running errands and have no time for me. Seeing no one else interesting, I continue on my way, a destination already in mind.

Going back to the same bar as last night, I manage to find a familiar face. Just the girl I was looking for, in fact. She’s sitting by herself on a tall stool near the dance floor, watching the people dance to the rock band that’s playing. I’m betting she’s not very happy with me but, what the hell, no harm in trying and she’s looking hot in a fitted navy blue dress. Every curve is nicely outlined. Taking a deep breath and praying for luck, I slide up next to her and try to make my voice sound low and seductive. “Hey, beautiful.”

She turns with a small smile beginning to touch the corners of her pink lips, until she realizes it’s me. The smile disappears and she turns away with a huff. Definitely not happy with me.

“I’m sorry about last night.” I try to wrap my arm around her shoulders but she shrugs it off and gives me a nasty look. “It was an emergency, I swear. A friend was in trouble and needed help. You’ll forgive me, right?”

“It really was an emergency?” I can see the look in her eyes soften and her body relax when I nod my head. “I guess I can forgive you then, Per.”

“Aren’t you the sweetest.” That was easier than I thought. Taking her by the hand, I pull her up from her seat. Her small form fits easily with mine, her head tucked under my chin. The flowery scent of her perfume fills my senses, making me a little light-headed. Leaning down, I lightly kiss her temple and the tendrils of her hair tickle my nose as I whisper into her ear. “Why don’t we pick up where we left off… uh, sweetheart?”

I look down at her blankly as I stumble over my words. Oh, fuck! I still can’t remember her damn name. I am so screwed. She stares back at me, the soft look quickly turning into a glare of suspicion.

“You can’t remember my name, can you?” She shoves away from me with an angry look, crossing her arms. “Go try your tricks on some other girl.”

“Come on. You don’t mean that.” I try to wrap my arms around her waist and nuzzle her neck like I did last night, but she’s as cold as stone.

“Fine. Then what’s my name?”

“Uh… hmm…”

“My name.”

“Aww, Baby. You know you can’t stay mad at me.”

“Get lost, Jerk!” She grabs her almost full glass and throws the contents in my face before turning on her heel and storming away.

“Guess she can stay mad.” Unfortunately, the cup was filled with soda. The sticky liquid drips from my face and hair, soaking into my clothes. This night pretty much sucks. Sopping wet and feeling defeated, I make my way home, splurging on the cost of a cab. I really don’t feel like dealing with the stares or listening to the laughter over my less than stellar appearance. It was bad enough that I can hear the cabbie snickering in the front seat the whole way to my street.

“What happened to you?” Win is sitting outside when I walk pass his house. He stands up to walk over to me but is interrupted by his father.

“Win, get inside the house. Now.” His father’s voice is stern as he stares out at us from the doorway.

“Yes, Sir.” Giving me a small wave, he glances up at our windows and then heads inside. “Night, Per.”

“Goodnight, Win.” I say and wai his father, who ignores me completely as he shuts the door. That guy has begun to hate me more and more. When I was little he would at least acknowledge my existence. Now, I might as well be vapor, actually he might like vapor more. Damn, I hope he doesn’t take it out on Win.

“I’m home.” My voice echoes around the house as I head for the stairs.

“Welcome home.” My mom yells from somewhere in the back of the house just before I make it to the second floor.

In my room, I grab the whiteboard Win and I have been using since we were little and scribble a quick message across it. Win is already waiting when I throw open my curtain so I hold up the board.

So, maybe it was closer to fifteen minutes, but it took a while to wash off all that sticky shit. Looking out the window, I see Win sitting at his desk reading a book already dressed for bed. He doesn’t notice me so I grab a small stone from our jar by my bed and chuck it at his window. He jumps at the sound, almost falling backwards in his chair. This makes me laugh. Win looks across the expanse to my window with a glare and his eyes widen. He writes on his whiteboard and shows me.

Looking down, I realize I only have a towel draped low around my waist. I forgot to take clean night clothes into the bathroom with me. Grinning, I wink at Win and write back.

I love it when Winnie gets frisky. It doesn’t happen often but it always makes me smile. Grabbing some clothes, I walk back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and dress. When I get back to my window wearing black striped shorts and a black tank top, Win is already waiting with his next message.

Win’s laughter is cut short as his eyes widen in alarm and he points at his bedroom door. Nodding, I step to the side just as I see his dad walk into his room. Peeking at them from behind my curtain, I’m practically holding my breath, hoping nothing bad happens. They exchange a few words and his dad leaves, closing the door behind him. Walking back to my window, I see Win grinning sheepishly at me.

Win waves from his window, his smile gentle and warm. I wave back, feeling more relaxed than I did earlier, and watch as his room goes dark. Moving away from the window, I look around my room and I am alone. It’s just empty.

With nothing else to do, I turn off my light and crawl into my bed.  From here I can just barely see Win in his dark room, curled up to sleep. With him in sight, it’s like he’s beside me again. Lifting my hand, I trace his form with my finger and wonder if the bruises are healing properly. My last thought before I fall asleep is of Win’s face as he cried in his sleep. Is he really okay?

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7 thoughts on “3. Only One You

    Per-Win Fanfiction Update « Jae 🐾 said:
    July 8, 2015 at 4:01 am

    […] 3. Only One You […]


      chevy2015 said:
      July 8, 2015 at 11:31 pm

      You already know what I think from the site, but I wanted to see the whiteboards as you intended. They look so good! I love them and they work real well in opposition like that. The fonts for the boys are good choices too. They match their personalities. ^__^

      Liked by 1 person

        Jae Mi responded:
        July 9, 2015 at 5:44 am

        Thanks Chevy. 🙂
        I spent a lot of time deciding on how to do the whiteboards so I’m glad they turned out so well on here.


    PolishMick said:
    July 9, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    Hii, I started to read this fic today and I really like it! I truly prefer your Per instead of the one from the series 😀
    I am wondering if you will follow the series plot and make them fight (hello Mark!) or make Per more like real understanding friend for Win…
    anyway, can’t wait for chapter 4 (it will be, right?), thank you for writing this and sorry for my English 😀
    Kop kun mak krubb

    Liked by 1 person

      Jae Mi responded:
      July 10, 2015 at 5:14 am

      Thanks for reading.
      I’m planning on fitting in some of the scenes from the series with my own spin on it. I hope you continue to read and enjoy this story.


    Ri Lo said:
    July 10, 2015 at 4:49 am

    The whiteboards are so cool, I like it. I miss this kind of Per so much. 😥

    Liked by 1 person

      Jae Mi responded:
      July 10, 2015 at 5:13 am

      Thanks Ri Lo. 🙂
      It’s going to be interesting for me to write the coming chapters and still fit in some things from the series. I hope you continue to enjoy it.


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