1. Homeroom

This is my story so please do not duplicate/copy.

A Different Kind of Perfect

1. Homeroom

Another day in paradise… or not. It’s actually Homeroom after a mad scramble to make it to school on time. Paradise would be so much better. Warm sun… sweet breeze… sandy beaches… swimsuits and cool water…

Suddenly, a sharp pain runs up my leg curtesy of the guy sitting next to me and his overly large, booted foot (also known as my best friend, Joe). I send a glare his way only to see him glaring back at me and pointing to the front of the room. Following his direction, I find our homeroom teacher staring intently at me and I can feel my face getting warm. The other guys snicker as I try to stop blushing. It’s the curse of my pale skin.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, Andrew. Did you have a nice nap?” The teacher asks politely. Miss Haskins is really the nicest teacher at our school. She is like everyone’s favorite auntie so it makes it that much worse when you disappoint her.

“Sorry, Miss.” I sit up straighter and give her my full attention.

“You’re forgiven. I hope you pay better attention in your classes though. I wouldn’t want you to ruin your excellent GPA.” Miss says with a smile. “I was asking how the preparations are going for this year’s Creative Arts Fair. I heard that you have to expand into the common area due to the rise in popularity.”

“Yes, Miss. Our last project apparently got a lot of attention so everyone wants in on this one. We’ve been crazy busy but it’s coming together.” Grinning, I give her a confident thumbs up.

“I’m sure it will be wonderful with you in charge of organizing it. Will you be participating this year?”

“He has to.” The loud mouth with the big feet sitting next to me laughs. “If he doesn’t, the female half of the audience will burst into tears and leave.”

“Shut up.” I shove his shoulder as I roll my eyes. “That’s a total exaggeration.”

“No, it’s not bro.” Aden says from across the room. “Last time we went to Blue’s, the place was packed with girls because they heard you were gonna be there. When they found out you were a no-show, the girls totally ditched, so did a few guys.” He waggles his eyebrows at me. “Nothing but dudes were left in the place.” He gives a shudder and shakes his head. “It went from Heaven to Hell for me in about 10 minutes flat.”

“Aden…” Miss Haskins raises a brow at him.

“Sorry, Miss.” Aden bows his head, his curly brown locks falling over his hazel eyes. Apparently, he forgot that we are still in class and the teacher is listening.

“Whatever.” Shaking my head, I turn back to the teacher, trying to end the conversation. These guys are just talking shit anyway and Aden is the biggest skirt chaser there is. He likes any girl with a pretty set of legs. No point in listening.

“Look at this guy, pretending like he has no idea. Do I need to remind you what happened last Valentine’s?” Joe, as usual, ignores my hint and continues talking. (Please God, don’t bring up last Valentine’s. I still have the occasional nightmare from it.) “This guy just walks down the street and the chicks practically faint at the sight of him.”

“Can they even see me when you’re around? You’re so freaking huge, they are probably fainting from fright.” If he’s not going to let it go, then he can have some of it thrown back at him. Seriously though, the guy is a monster. Joe is at least a head taller than anyone else at our school with shoulders as wide as a small car. Add that with his hair and eyes being pitch black and his tan skin, it makes him look intimidating for those that don’t know him. In reality, he’s about the most laidback guy you could meet. A puppy would be more vicious.

“More like my rugged good looks.” Joe grins and winks at me and I start to gag.

The entire class groans in disbelief while Alec, who sits behind Joe, smacks him upside the head. “In your dreams, Ogre.”

“Aww, you didn’t have to go that far.” Joe complains and slouches down in his seat.

“Alright class! That’s enough. The bell is about to ring so get ready for your lessons.” Closing her attendance book, Miss Haskins sits down at her desk and watches us expectantly.

“Yes, Miss.” We all chime in unison as we dutifully gather up our things. I can still hear a lot of whispering and teasing going back and forth but Miss Haskins pretends like she can’t hear it.

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