2. Noh’s Kiss

**************WARNING*****************ADULT CONTENT****************WARNING****************



**************WARNING*****************ADULT CONTENT****************WARNING****************

This is my fanfic of the kiss scene that was cut from the series, LoveSick (based off the Thai novel by P’Hed).

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“Noh… I’m sorry.” Standing up, I walk over to him and lean down to kiss his smooth forehead, lingering for a bit as I breathe in his scent. “I wish I could control myself better than this, but I…” My voice fades away as I try to admit to my weakness and control my need for Noh. My feelings for Noh are overpowering and it hurts, so I back away before I give in more than this.

Noh raises his head to look at me as I sit across from him again. The moonlight streaming in from the windows is bright enough for me to see the forlorn look on his face. Being apart must hurt him just as much as it hurts me and I feel another pain in my heart.

“…I can’t do it either.” Noh reaches over and wraps his hand around my neck, pulling me closer. Leaning in to meet me, he presses his warm, pink lips to mine.

My surprise lasts only a fraction of a second before I’m melting into him. Grabbing his shoulders, I pull him back with me and we fall together onto the mattress. Noh slides to the side, a warm hand still wrapped behind my neck, his lips moving softly against mine as I roll onto my side, too.

Minutes pass before we pull away, just far enough to catch our breath. I lean my forehead against his, cherishing even this small connection with the person who has begun to mean more and more to me with each passing day. My hand slides down from his shoulder to his waist and rests there, keeping his body pressed up against mine. Noh’s warmth sinks into my skin, warming me inside and out, in places I hadn’t even realized were cold.

“Noh, can we stay like this?” I bury my face into his shoulder and feel his breath whisper across my hair. “Just for a while… just for tonight?”

He doesn’t answer, just slips down so that his head is cushioned by my arm, his face pressed against my chest. My arms wrap securely behind his back and I rest my cheek on the top on his buzz cut head. I fall asleep, happy to have Noh by my side.





I am pulled from a deep and peaceful sleep by an insistent tickle on the side of my chest. My eyes open to a dark room and a comforting, heavy warmth sprawled across my body as I lay on my back. Sleep is still pulling at my mind and I’m a bit fuzzy on where I am exactly, but there is one thing I am absolutely positive about… Noh is here in my arms. His fingertips twitching in his sleep is what tickled me awake. Grabbing the offending appendage, I bring it to my lips and kiss the knuckles.

Noh tugs his hand back and snuggles closer to me, tucking his hand under my back. His face is tilted slightly towards mine and the faint light that is left from the moon shines on his face. He’s beautiful.

I know he would kill me if he heard me say that about him. He gets crazy enough when people call him cute and his eyes roll over the word adorable, but there is no other way to describe him in this moment. Noh is beautiful. His pale, smooth skin practically glows with the moonlight and his full, pink lips seem to be waiting for a kiss… my kiss. Nothing is more tempting than this person who fills my vision. To me, he is perfect.

Unable to resist, unwilling to resist, I lean down and capture those lips with my own in a gentle kiss. I linger, nipping and kissing as I feel him stir awake. He doesn’t hesitate to kiss me back, his body recognizing me before his mind can catch up. One last soft peck and I pull away from him, knowing there is a happy smile on my face.

“Phun…” Noh whispers as he opens his eyes to look at me.

I should tell him to go back to sleep. It’s very late or really early (not sure which) so we should close our eyes and get some more rest. We should sleep. We should and I open my mouth to tell him so, but Noh has other ideas. Before I can get out a single syllable, Noh leans up and covers my mouth with his own. His tongue darts in to caress mine. When his hands slide up into my hair to hold me in place, I am lost.

Noh continues his exploration of my mouth and his body nudges closer to mine. I can feel every inch of him and the fire in me sparks in response, making me growl in the back of my throat. Noh makes a trail of kisses to my ear, where he nips it once before working his way down my throat. His hot, wet tongue licks the base of my throat as his hands wander their way down my body until he gets ahold of the edge of my shirt and quickly pulls it off over my head. Leaning up a little, he pulls off his shirt, as well, before returning to me. My hands grip his waist and drag him up for another kiss, then they slide down further to grab his ass and push him against me. When he groans at the contact, I slip my tongue in for a decadent taste.

Noh pushes me onto my back, his lips still locked with mine, and his hand slips across my nipple sending a jolt through me but he doesn’t stop for long. His fingers continue on their downward trek, tracing patterns onto my sensitive skin, to the waistband of my boxers. He pauses to look at me, his heated gaze hooded by the question I can see in his eyes. A long, slow kiss is my answer. I can’t say no. To deny him has never been an option for me. This is Noh. As long as it is him, my answer is always yes.

His fingers hook around the waistband of my boxers and slides them off to give him full access to all of me. My breath is ragged as I wait for his touch. My lips eagerly devour his own as they come back for another kiss. My hands grip his shoulders in anticipation.

The heat from his hand slowly wraps around the head of my dick and rubs down to the base of my shaft. Pure pleasure rips through me and my hips rise up to meet him. With each sliding stroke, I can feel my need build. His hand speeds up as he leans over to lick at the hard nub of my nipple and I gasp for breath. A little liquid seeps out onto his hand, making it slip easily up and down, my hips bucking at the feel. So close to falling off the edge, feeling ready to explode, I grab his hand and pull it away from me as I try to retain what little control I have left.

“I’m not finishing alone.” I growl at him, needing Noh to be as hungry as I am. Pushing him onto his back, I roll onto my side and smash my lips against his. My hand reaches for the waistband of his boxes and yanks them down. I grip his hard shaft and he gasps as I rub my hand up to the tip of the head and all the way down to his balls. My hand repeats this over and over as I nibble at his throat until Noh’s whole body is shaking and his cheeks are flushed.

“Phun!” His hand grabs mine as he breathes harshly, his eyes glassy with need.

Pulling him to me so that we face each other on our sides, my lips connect with his as my hand wraps around us both, rubbing the silky hardness of our cocks together. His fingers dig into my hip as he tries to press closer. More liquid escapes and my hand glides quickly up and down. The urgent heated pressure builds quickly and this time there is no stopping it.

I roll us over so I am laying on top of him, our legs entwine, our tongues wrestle, and our arms wrap around each other tightly as our hips buck fiercely. Noh’s pulsing length rubs against mine, sending a firestorm across my nerves. He suddenly stiffens, his mouth leaving mine to bite down on my shoulder, stifling his shout. His shudders send me over the edge, my hips go wild and my mind goes blank as an intense pleasure overtakes my senses.

We stay wrapped around each other for a long time, enjoying this moment of closeness. I feel at peace when Noh is in my arms. My whole being feels warmed by him. If I could, I would wrap myself up in him and never leave.

“Ugghh!” Noh breaks the silence with a disgusted groan as he leans away from me. Feeling the wetness sticking to our stomachs, I have to agree with him. The look on his face as he stares down at the mess is adorable and I have to laugh. This causes him to give me a dirty look, which is even more adorable.

“Let’s get cleaned up.” I give him a quick kiss on the cheek before I pull him with me into the bathroom. Then kiss him again just because he’s there and I can. There will never be a time when I don’t want to kiss Noh.

PART 2: “Morning Kiss


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