My First Valentine – Part 3

My First Valentine
Part 3: Taken

My boyfriend’s face is still pink like a valentine as we sit down at the table with our friends. I know he’s embarrassed and won’t even glance my way but I can’t take my eyes off of him. My lips are still tingling from his kiss, his sweet taste lingering, and everything is hazy except for him. Trying to get a better view of his cute face that’s bent over his food, I rest my chin in the palm of my hand and lean low against the table top.

“Kongpob, your collar is in the food.” Barely looking at me, p’Arthit’s voice is a low grumble. “Quit staring.”

“Huh?” It’s takes a moment for his words to register in my cloudy mind and I look down to find a stain soaking into my collar, slowly spreading. “Oh!”

“Is our friend’s ugly mug really that fascinating?” P’Bright wraps an arm around his larger best friend and they pretend to seriously study my boyfriend’s features.

“Nope. I got nothing but n’Kongpob sure is hooked.” Shrugging, p’Toota shifts his gaze to me with raised eyebrows. His glasses slide down to the edge of his nose and pushes them back into place with a well-manicured index finger. “Well, n’Kongpob? What’s so great about our crazy dictator?”

“P’Arthit is just so…” A warm hand suddenly shoots up and covers my mouth before I can finish answering.

“Eat your food, Kong, and ignore the idiots.” I can feel a grin tug at the corners of my mouth as he lowers his hand with a warning look. Capturing those fingers for a brief moment, I stare into the startled eyes of my lover and fall just a bit more in love.

“Yes, p’Arthit.” Releasing his digits, I chuckle at his flustered look as he drops his spoon onto the plate with a clatter.

“Whipped.” P’Bright mournfully lowers his head across from us, his palm hitting his forehead.

“So whipped.” Nodding in sad agreement, p’Toota pats p’Bright’s back.

Picking up the closest large red heart off the table, my boyfriend clobbers both of them over the head several times. The two scramble away as quick as they can. P’Arthit isn’t holding back and stands up to lean over the table to thwack them one more time. P’Toota screeches and shoves against p’Bright trying to use him as a human shield against the onslaught. P’Bright shoves back and they tumble backwards off the bench in a tangle of cuss words and flailing limbs.

“Get your fat ass off me, Toot!”

“Your fat head hit me first!”

With a satisfied smirk, p’Arthit tosses the heart to the side and sits back down. Happy to have successfully shut his friends up, he takes a large bite of his food. He really is too adorable for words.

The rest of our lunch is fairly quiet with p’Bright and p’Toota sitting at opposite ends of the table and glaring at each other. A rather impressive bruise is forming in the corner of p’Toota’s forehead which he tries to cover with a bit of powder. P’Bright keeps rubbing the ribs on the left side of his chest and sighing pitifully. No one is paying any attention to either one.

P’Prem is sitting on my other side and seems distracted, barely touching the food in front of him as he keeps glancing over to the table next to ours where the rest of our group is sitting. Normally, he would have gotten a few good teasing comments in with the others but he didn’t say a word. I’m not even sure if he noticed anything that happened. Looking over curiously, I see my friends chatting happily and several girls lingering near the other end of the table where Tiw and Wad are sitting. I think I know what’s going on when Wad looks at p’Prem with a guilty and apologetic expression. It’s about time these guys man up. They’ve been dancing around each other for weeks.

“P’Arthit?” The perky voice from earlier has me whipping my head around, all thoughts of the would-be romance between Wad and p’Prem forgotten in an instant. It’s the same girl carrying the same box of chocolates. What the hell do I have to do to get her to back off? Kissing my boyfriend wasn’t enough? What? Do I need to strip him bare and have sex right here on the table for her to get it through her head that p’Arthit is mine?

Fuck. I admit it. A vision of him laid out like a delicious buffet on the table flashes through my mind. His pink lips open and panting my name as I lick a wet trail down his throat and over his pert nipples. Nibbling my way down over the silky skin on his belly and playfully delving into his bellybutton…

Stop, Kongpob! Just stop! Don’t be thinking about that right now. A deep throb in my pants protests and the vision plays on repeat in the back of my mind. This is going to be a long afternoon.

“What do you want this time, nong?” The patience in p’Arthit’s tone is thread bare but he’s trying to keep his cool. “I already said…”

“No! It’s not that!” The girl interrupts him eagerly. She thrust the box of chocolates into my hands and I grab it in surprise. What is up with this chick? Did she switch targets that fast? Does she not remember that I’m the guy that p’ kissed less than half an hour ago?

“Kongpob is already taken, too.” Grabbing the box, p’ tries to hand it back to her once more.

“No, it’s for both of you!” The girl pushes it back and refuses to take the box. What? She wants a threesome now? Who the fuck is this girl? “You guys are so perfect together. I totally ‘ship you! Su su na!”

“What the…?” I don’t think I’ve ever seen p’Arthit’s so at a loss for words before. Even I have no clue what to say to that. She “‘ships” us?

“I have to go but can I get just one pic?” Before we can agree or not, she holds up her phone and snaps three or four pictures. She tucks the phone into a pocket and curves her arms over her head in the form of a heart. “#KongArt4Ever! Bye-bye!”

Just as quickly as she appeared this time, she is gone again in a flurry of high pitched giggles and flying curls. Everyone at our tables seems to be frozen in place and staring at the spot she had vacated. It’s like a weird version of the mannequin game.

“What just happened?” P’Prem is the first to break the awkward silence and he shakes his head as if to clear out the cobwebs.

“I think these two just got their first fangirl.” Amusement laced p’Toota’s voice as he clapped his hands together. Everyone starts laughing uproariously, except for p’Arthit and me. I’m too stunned by the odd turn of events to react just yet and p’ is trying to bury his face in his hands to hide yet another blush.

“Let’s go to class, Kong.” Grumbling through his fingers, p’ slides them down his face. We stand up and throw away our trash and he shoves the box of chocolates into his bag before heading out of the dining area. P’ is taking long strides ahead of me but it’s nothing for me to catch up to him.

“P’Arthit?” Grabbing the back hem of his shirt, I give it a tug to get him to slow down so I can talk to him about our Valentine’s Day plans. He lets out a deep breath and slows his pace, giving me a shy smile.

“Khun Kongpob!” A trio of girls come clambering up to us with boxes wrapped in pink and red paper held securely in their hands. They had matching nervous, wide smiles as the one in the middle steps forward to speak, holding up one of the boxes. “So glad we caught you before your lunch is over. Please accept our Valentine candy.”

“Do I have to send out mass text to every department on campus?” A disgruntled p’Arthit crosses his arms in frustration and glares at me. “Can you not be so fucking popular?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t accept these.” Again, I put my hands into my pockets and step back trying to put some distance between us. “I already have someone I like.”

“But you can still take the candy. It’s just chocolate not a confession.” The girl to the right insists.

“I don’t want my lover to misunderstand.” With a huff and another glare, p’Arthit turns and walks away, practically stomping his feet with every step.


“Sorry.” Barely sparing the group a glance, I turn to follow my heart. You are not getting away from me that easily, p’Arthit! Leaving those girls behind, I run up to p’ and whip him around by the elbow. There’s a split second of surprise that flits across his face before I curl my hand around the back of his neck and press my lips firmly against his. A jealous p’Arthit is absolutely irresistible.

In his shock, he doesn’t push me away or fight back. He just stands still as a statue with his eyes wide open. Tilting my head, I soften the kiss and trace the tip of my tongue over the part in his mouth, asking for a deeper taste. With a sexy moan that hits me in the gut, p’ closes his eyes and wraps his arms around my waist, his hands fisting in the back of my shirt. He leans in and opens to my kiss. It’s a warm, wet duel swirling around with the sweet flavor of his pink milk.

The image of him spread out of the table juts up and he swallows my lustful groan. I have to pull back now or I might have to throw p’ over my shoulder and cart him back to my room. The heat coiling in my belly is fierce and my pants are uncomfortably tight. This short-tempered senior drives me to the brink so fast that I’m ready to jump over if he gives the word.

It takes several gentle pecks on his intoxicating lips before I can pull away and several more minutes before I unwillingly let him leave my arms. His face has a rosy flush and his eyes are dark with passion. The pink tip of his tongue flashes as he wets his lips and my breathe catches. How can one person be so tempting?

“P’, can we have a date this Saturday? I want to celebrate Valentine’s with you.” Unable to resist and needing to touch him as much as I need to breathe, I graze my lips over his once more.

“Saturday?” Eyes half-lidded, p’Arthit kisses me back until he registers what I just said. He steps back with a suspicious scowl and jabs a finger into my chest. “You’re not planning anything stupid are you? I swear if you do anything to embarrass the hell out of me, I will walk out on your ass. Boyfriend or not.”

“Boyfriend? Did he just say boyfriend?” A feminine voice screeches from behind us. Those girls haven’t walked away yet? Yes, boyfriend… p’Arthit said boyfriend! I want to pick him up and swing him around but I know he’d kill me if I did. He called me his boyfriend again.

“After that kiss, you’re surprised?” Her friend asks sarcastically and takes the sidewalk heading to the cafeteria. “I’m out of here.”

“Why are all the handsome guys always into each other?” The third friend whines as she follows the other with her shocked friend in tow.

At this rate, p’Arthit is going to have a permanent blush on his cheeks. Valentine’s is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays, as long as no one else tries to confess to my p’Arthit. I really can’t handle that.

P’Arthit narrows his eyes as he watches the girls’ retreating backs. Taking the bag off his shoulder, he pulls out a black marker and the box of chocolate he had shoved in there at the end of lunch. He frowns as he scribbles something on the large heart that adorns the top of the box. Pulling the heart off so the tape is still stuck to the back, p’ puts the box and marker back in his bag and throws it back over his shoulder before looking up at me.

“See you on Saturday.” Slapping the paper heart onto my chest hard enough to knock me back a little, p’Arthit walks quickly towards his next class before I can respond. His face is blooming redder than any rose.

Looking down at the paper heart attached over my own beating one, a wide smile spreads over my face, probably from ear to ear. It’s just one word written in thick black ink but it makes me want to dance around like a fool. Why does he have to be so darn cute?

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No, this is not the end. I know I said it would be three parts but it’s going to be four. N’Malee wasn’t ready to leave the picture just yet and I really wanted to put in the paper heart scene. It ended up being longer than I thought so it turned into it’s own chapter.
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Malee: Wait! Don’t leave me! I have to get my fanclub together so we can do a flashlight vigil during their date! Who wants to go with me?? I’ll make more chocolates.
If you bring cameras, make sure the flash is off and you have to share the pics and videos with the rest of us.

Jae: I think that’s enough, n’Malee. You’re going to scare the straights, not to mention spook Arthit out of his mind if you and a bunch of other fangirls/boys show up on his date with Kong with a bunch of flashlights and cameras.

Malee: But, p’Jae, I just want to give them my support. Can’t we go watch just for a little bit?

Jae: Nong! Hand over the flashlight now. I’m keeping it until after their date. Hand over the camera with the telephoto lens, too. You have night vision goggles?! Maybe I should just lock you in your room… it’ll be easier.

Malee: You wouldn’t! No, p’Jae! I promise to be good! *hastily grabs the camera and runs away*

Jae: Get back here, n’Malee!