2. Khun Noh


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“Ugh! He’s not gonna call me, is he?” Flopping down on his bed, Rome looks over at his best friend, Emma. She glances up from her phone with a puzzled frown.

“Who isn’t going to call?”

“Noh,” he replies with a loud sigh holding his phone over his head staring at the blank screen.

“Noh? Do we know a Noh?” Emma taps a finger against her chin as she tries to remember, but comes up with nothing. “Rome, we don’t know anyone named Noh.”

“I met him yesterday on the lawn outside our connected dorm. He lives on the other side.” Rome explains and he eyes lose focus and become dreamy. “Tall… lean… handsome… with a voice that would make you believe angels had come down from heaven… really sexy angels. ”

“You’re not talking about Napat Nawahindakarn, are you?” Surprise laces Emma’s voice as she sets down her phone and leans forward in her chair, closer to her best friend.

“Yes! That’s his name, but how did you know? You don’t know him, do you?” Confused, Rome sits up and faces her.

“Everyone knows him! I’m surprised you don’t.” She waves her arms around dramatically as if encompassing the whole of the Earth. “I’ve even talked to you about him, Rome. Remember that big concert that’s coming up on Campus that I tried to get us tickets to go see?”

“I thought that was just the Music Faculty’s production for the start of term that they put on every year.”

“It would be if it wasn’t for Khun Noh and his band, The Edge of Nowhere. They are the headliners for the show and it’s completely sold out for the first time in history. Are you seriously telling me that you have never heard of him? We even heard them play at the Elephant Room! How could you not have at least seen him then?”

“HE’S the lead for The Edge?!” Rome almost falls off the bed in shock. “I never heard his name before and I couldn’t see the band from where we were standing in the club. I couldn’t see over all those people.”

Emma giggles when she realizes that the reason he didn’t see anything was because of how short he is, not that he’s super short but he’s REALLY not tall. Slapping a hand over her mouth, she gives him an apologetic look when he pouts. In actuality, his lack of height doesn’t bother him anymore but he still likes to mess with Emma as if it bothers him.  Her guilty looks can be quite entertaining.

“So, most likely, he’s not gonna call me.” Resigned, Rome tosses the phone on the bed next to him. “He probably thinks I’m some freaky fanboy.”

“A really cute freaky fanboy,” Emma tries to console him while patting his shoulder. “He could still call. Maybe he just got caught up in something. I heard he’s really nice.”

“You think?”

“I do, but Rome…” Emma bites her lower lip as she gives him a considering look. “I don’t think you should fall for him. Everyone says that he’s been in a relationship since high school. I don’t want to see you getting hurt again by someone who is unavailable.”

“P’Pick was emotionally retarded, not unavailable.” Rolling his eyes, Rome sticks his tongue out, making a funny face. “I’m fine. Really. That happened over a year ago and we are civil when we meet now… well, as civil as p’Pick gets anyway.”

“If you’re sure.” Emma giggles again when she realizes Rome is really over that senior, enough that he can even joke about it.

“I’m sure and don’t worry about me falling for anyone. He may be hot but I think I can control myself. Besides, he’s probably not into guys anyway and he probably won’t call.” With a shrug, Rome goes to stand up only to be stopped by the familiar musical ringtone of his phone. It’s an unknown number and his heart jumps at the thought that it might be Noh. So much for being able to control his emotions when it comes to the musician. Shaking it off, he slides a finger across the screen and holds the phone up to his ear.


“Hi. Is this Rome?” It can’t be him, can it? It sounds like the guy from yesterday but voices can be deceiving over the phone.

“Yes, this is Rome.”

“Great! This is Noh, the guy with the guitar from yesterday. Is this a bad time?”

“NO! I mean, no, now is fine. Thanks for calling me. I wasn’t sure you would.”

Emma’s eyes go wide as she realizes who is on the other end of the line and she squeals silently. Waving a hand, Rome tries to get her to calm down so he can focus on the call but it doesn’t work. He stands up and walks to the other side of the room to find some peace and then realizes he missed some of what Noh was saying.

“… and Ohm came running into my room in a panic because his boyfriend was gonna kill him. I spent the rest of the evening dealing with his sorry ass and, by the time I got him to leave, it was too late to call you. Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine. No need to apologize. I’m just happy you called considering you could have just as easily ignored me as some random, crazy person.” Rome is silent for a moment but his curiosity gets the better of him. “So, did your friend get killed by his boyfriend?”

“Not even close.” The rich sound of Noh’s laughter rang through the phone causing Rome to smile. He made Noh laugh. “N’Mick can be an absolute devil when pissed but he is just as crazy lovesick about Ohm as Ohm is about him. I bet n’Mick pouted, turning Ohm into mush. Many apologies and sweets later, they are good again and giving everyone who sees them cavities.”

“Your friend is very lucky to have someone special.”

“Yes, that asshole is one lucky bastard,” Noh agrees with what sounds a bit like envy and a touch of sadness. “Anyway, you said something about needing a favor? I have some free time now if you want to meet up to discuss it.”

“Sure. Is it okay if I bring my friend with me? I’m hanging out in her room right now.”

“Fine by me. How about we meet at Noona’s? I’m starving and could really use some caffeine.”

“Okay. See you there in fifteen?”

“Sounds good. See you there.”

The line goes dead and Rome lowers the phone to look over at his friend. Emma’s squeal this time is at full volume and he’s forced to cover his ears. Running over, she grabs his bent elbows and hops around in excitement.

“I get to meet Khun Noh? You are the bestest of the best of best friends ever!”

“You’re acting like he some sort of big time celebrity. You do realize he lives in the connected building next to us, right?”

“He might not be a national celebrity yet but he will be someday,” Emma says with total confidence. “I’m sure of it.”

“You are probably right but, right now, he’s our very talented neighbor who we are supposed to meet in less than 10 minutes.”

“You’re right! Let’s go!” Picking up her purse off my dresser, she runs for the door and swings it open. “Why aren’t you moving??”

With a chuckle, Rome puts on his favorite red hoodie and shoves his wallet and phone in the pockets of his jeans. He picks up the keys off the hook by the door and follows Emma out into the hall before closing and locking the door. Emma leads the way out of the building and then suddenly stops causing Rome to run into her, almost knocking them both down.

“What’s the matter? Why did you stop?”

“I don’t know where we’re going. Khun Noh was talking to you, not me.” Emma takes a step to the side and waves her hand with a flourish. “Lead on, oh great one.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Rome says cheekily.