The Way My Heart Beats, Part 3

This is the third and final part of The Way My Heart Beats.
This chapter contains ADULT CONTENT, including sex and cussing. If you are underage or can’t handle writing of a sexual nature, please go back and find something else to read.
Thank you to all of my readers for their patience. I know this last part was a long time in the making and I hope you really love it.
As always, the characters are not mine, only the story is mine.

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The Way My Heart Beats,
Part 3: The Naughty Parts

by: Jae M Le


“Don’t cheat on me.” The stern warning reaches my ears as a strong grip on my elbow drags me away from the store front.

“I wasn’t!” I admit that I stopped in front of the music store because I happened to notice Noh inside, but it’s really not what my newly appointed boyfriend is thinking. It really isn’t. (Okay. Feeling a little giddy at the whole ‘boyfriend’ thing, even though I only used it in my thoughts.)

“I saw who was in there.” Dropping my arm like it’s poison, Pete stops by the fountain in the center of the plaza and crosses his arms. “If you’re still hung up on that guy, you should…”

“Dumbass.” Covering Pete’s mouth with my hand, I shake my head at him. “How could I want someone else when I have you?”

“You’re the dumbass still panting after Noh. I saw you staring at him with a stupid grin on your face.” Pete throws off my hand and glares at me.

“You should have taken a closer look then.” Chuckling, I dragged him back to the shop. He tries to dig his heels in but I don’t have all these muscles for nothing and push him closer to the glass front. “Look again.”

“Phun.” Pete’s eyes widen at the sight as he whispers the name. Quickly turning away, he clears his throat. “Well… umm…”

When Pete hedges further away from the store, I get another clear view of Noh. Phun is standing next to him behind a display case. His handsome face is nuzzling at a weakly protesting Noh’s neck while one hand can be seen caressing Noh’s ass. For being known as the straight-laced good student, Phun sure has some naughty, badass tendencies when it comes to Noh.

“Phun sure has some balls.” Pete says in a strained voice, looking anywhere but at me or the store behind him.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous.” Grabbing Pete’s chin, I tilt his face towards me and watch as a pink blush brightens his cheeks.

“Fuck you!” He stumbles back and turns to walk away, colliding with a person leaving the music store. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to run into you!”

“No harm done. Oh, hey Pete!” Phun’s deep voice replies and Pete looks up into his smiling face. Phun’s eyes glance behind Pete and the friendly look dims slightly. “Earn.”

Damn. Well, I guess I deserve his reservation. I did chase after his guy for a long time, causing Phun a lot of stress and heartache. I thought we had made peace at Pharma-camp, but I’m guessing he’s not trusting me completely yet from the way he’s gripping Noh’s hand.

“Hey, Pete, Earn.” Waving with his free hand, Noh greets us with his usual cheerful grin. His ears are tinged a bright red but he’s not even trying to pull his hand away from Phun’s grip.

“Hi guys.” Walking up next to him, I grab Pete’s hand and lace our fingers together. “We’re going to grab a bite to eat. Wanna join us?”


“Really?” Phun’s smile widens as he looks down at our interlocked hands. “Maybe next time. Noh and I have something to do right now.”

“We do? But I’m kinda hungry.” Looking over at his boyfriend, Noh raises his eyebrows in surprise.

“Yes, we do.” If the hint isn’t obvious enough, Phun’s leer as he stares back at Noh implies exactly what that something is. His voice is a soft rumble. “I’m hungry, too.”

“Damn it, Phun.” Noh’s face turns cherry red as he mumbles.

“They need to be alone for their date anyway.” Phun says reasonably, as if he wasn’t just having lewd thoughts about the cute guy next to him.

“Date? What date?” Looking over at us, it takes Noh a minute to notice that we’re holding hands. His eyes widen comically and his voice is loud enough to startle the nearby shoppers. “Holy fuck! You two are dating?!”

“Subtle, Noh.” Rolling his eyes, Phun pushes his gawking boyfriend towards the mall’s exit. “Have fun, guys. See you later.”

“Bye.” Waving with my free hand, I laugh as I see Phun whacking Noh upside the head as they walk away.

I realize that Pete has been quiet this whole time and it is starting to worry me. A quiet Pete means that he is probably over-thinking something. Looking over at him hesitantly, I really hope he’s not angry with me. We never discussed how open we are going to be about our relationship. When we met Noh and Phun, I didn’t think about that. I just grabbed his hand. I outed us without ever asking if he was okay with that, even if it was only in front of those two (who should be the last people to judge us).  These racing thoughts of guilt and worry crash to an immediate stop when I see the smile tugging at Pete’s mouth. He’s staring down at our linked fingers with a quiet glow of delight, absolutely entranced.

“Come on, Love.” I pull him towards the buffet place across the way. “Let’s go eat.”

“Are you sure?” Pete doesn’t budge from his spot and holds up our hands in question.

“If you’re okay, I’m okay.” Wrapping my free hand behind his neck, I touch our foreheads together with a smile.

“Okay.” Pete responds.

There are a few strange stares and whispering as Pete and I walk into the restaurant and find a table. In a nearby corner, a group of girls start giggling and snapping photos with their phones. If you look closely, you can practically see heart shapes shooting out of their eyes. I ignore the commotion and focus on making sure Pete gets enough to eat.

At the end of our meal, the waitress drops off a decadent piece of chocolate cake. I look at Pete in question wondering if he had ordered because I know I didn’t, but Pete shakes his head.

“We didn’t order any dessert.” I try to hand the plate back but the server stops me and sets the plate between us again.

“I know you didn’t.” Pointing to the table full of girls that I had almost forgotten about, she smiles at me. “They ordered it for you.”

Looking over, Pete and I are surprised to find the whole table staring at us with wide smiles. The girls wave excitedly when they see that they have our attention. Always the showman after so much time spent in Cheer Club, I wave back and wink. Pete sighs and rolls his eyes at my antics, leaning back in his chair.

“I can’t decide if I should glare at you or laugh.” Pete crosses his arms and seriously considers the choices.

“What?” Shrugging my shoulders, I look at him innocently.

“You’re such a fucking flirt.” Pete grumbles, half in amusement and half in annoyance.

“Don’t be mad! We just think you make an adorable couple. Very handsome together.” One of the bolder girls interrupts, not even attempting to hide the fact that she was eavesdropping on the conversation. The other girls nod their heads vigorously in agreement, making Pete blush at the praise.

“Thanks.” My grin widens and I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively. “My boyfriend is pretty hot.”

“Earn!” Groaning, Pete covers his face with his hands as the girls squeal.

“Enjoy the cake, p’.”

“We will.” Dipping my fork into the sweet chocolaty dessert, I take a big bite. The cake is moist and practically melts on my tongue. Picking up another bite, I hold it out to Pete. “This is so good. You have to try some.”

Pete tries to take the fork from me but I hold it away, wanting to feed Pete myself. Sighing, Pete leans forward with his mouth open and accepts the bite of cake, his full lips wrapping around the fork and sliding the morsel off. My eyes are caught up in the sight and I know I’m staring at his mouth. An overwhelming urge to kiss Pete hits me. I wonder if the cake would taste even better coming from his lips?

A flurry of clicking at the next table distracts Pete from the desssert and he turns his head to see the girls with their phones aimed at us. Most of the cake made it into his mouth but, as he turned his head, the fork left a chocolate smear across one cheek.

“What a messy eater.” Shaking my head to clear the naughty thoughts, I pick up a napkin to wipe off Pete’s cheek. I’m beginning to understand Phun’s attitude around Noh as I fight the need to lick the creaminess off Pete’s cheek instead.

“Just finish your damn cake.” Pete’s face is cherry red all the way from the tips of his ears to the base of his throat at my gesture and the accompanying heavy sighs from the next table.

Laughing nervously, I easily swallow the rest of the dessert in three huge bites and then pay the bill. Pete doesn’t look up again, choosing to stare at his fingertips until we can leave. After giving my thanks to the girls once more for treating us to the cake, I stand up and Pete quickly follows suit, more than ready to leave. As we walk out, I slide my hand into Pete’s and laces our fingers. Pete doesn’t look up but a small smile tilts the edges of his mouth.

The trip back to my house is quiet. We are both lost in our own thoughts and stealing quick glances back and forth. My hand is still wrapped securely around Pete’s and my heartbeat skips every time I look at where we are connected. It’s such a simple thing but it moves me to my core.

Back in my room, Pete closes the door behind us while I scan through the playlists on my phone for something to listen to. I can see Pete leaning against the door and watching me out of the corner of my eye as I mumble the various song titles under my breath. I have never seen Pete checking out other guys before, or girls for that matter, so I wonder what it is about me that draws him in.

I pretend to still be looking at my phone, but my attention is all on Pete as his eyes rake over me. He starts at my close cut dark hair, goes down to my broad shoulders and lean waist, and then lingers on my ass. Every place his eyes touch, my skin feels scorched. Pete licks his lips as he continues to stare below my waist, his grip on the door knob tightening before he moves closer.

With each slow step he paces towards me, a tingling pressure builds and my shorts start to feel uncomfortably tight. Pete comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. Before I can utter a sound, warm lips latch onto the back of my neck and, as Pete presses up against my backside, he lets out a soft moan from the feel. There is no doubt what is on my boyfriend’s mind when I feel a hardness against my ass. That realization starts a fire in the pit of my stomach and I whip around to capture Pete’s lips like I’ve been wanting to do all evening.

There is no quiet build up for us. Our mouths clash and open, letting the warm, wet tongues duel for dominance. Frantic hands tug at the clothes as I walk towards the bed, forcing Pete back onto the clean white sheets. I manage to remove the last remaining shreds of clothes off Pete’s body and my eyes feast on the display before me, all long, lean limbs and smooth skin. Pete is beautiful from the top of his head to the tips of his toes, absolute perfection. I appreciate the view for a moment longer before leaning down kiss the long neck. Pete moans seductively, his hands giving up on divesting me of my shorts to touch as much of my exposed bare skin as possible.

I slip a leg between his as our bodies press together. When I lean up to plant a soft kiss on Pete’s cheek, my leg brushes against his hard cock bringing it to my attention. It’s not large but it is well suited to its owner, long and just thick enough to fit nicely in my hand. A drop of shiny liquid seeps out of the rosy tip and slides down the mushroom shaped head. My mouth goes dry at the sight and I have an overwhelming urge to taste Pete.

Being the type to take action once I’ve made a decision, my tongue traces a path down Pete’s body, stopping to nip and lick at the perky nipples making my boyfriend’s back arch off the bed, before continuing on. With no clothes to hinder my way, I look up into Pete’s wide eyes as I swallow half his turgid length in one go. Pete’s hands clench at the sheets and he falls back on the bed with a dull thud, eyes clenched tight. The slightly salty, bitter-sweet taste of Pete has me humming and bobbing my head faster. A moan is torn from Pete as he thrusts his hips up, almost gagging me, but I don’t stop. I try to keep from grazing him with my teeth but it’s not easy with my mouth full of Pete’s dick. My tongue massages over the sensitive flesh as I wrap a hand around his base and tug with the same motion as my mouth, since I can’t fit in all of his length. My free hand fondles his balls and I feel Pete tense up.

“Oh God, Earn. I can’t…” Pete’s hands move from the sheets to grab the back of my head, holding me in place. The hand around the base of his dick keeps me from choking as Pete thrusts up into the wet heat of my mouth.

“Fuck, Earn!” That shout is the only warning as Pete’s orgasm overtakes him. Pulse after pulse of hot, thick cum shoots into my mouth. The taste is musky and salty and all Pete. I watch as my boyfriend falls back onto the sheets, blissed out and barely lucid. His hazy gaze falls on my face and the full reality of what happened hits him. His eyes widen and he opens his mouth to say something, but he stops in fascinated silence as he watches me swallow everything he had just pumped into my mouth. It isn’t the best tasting but the heated look of Pete’s gaze when he sees me swallow sends a thrill through me.

My eyes travel down the beautiful plains of Pete’s chest and abdomen before returning to meet Pete’s eyes. I lick my lips and lay down next to the warm body, wrapping an arm around Pete’s waist to pull the guy against me. My free hand caresses everywhere it can reach.

“Sorry, Earn.” A blush reddens Pete’s already flushed cheeks and, this time, I can see the blush spread down the neck and across his bare chest. “I couldn’t hold it.”

“No need for sorry.” I poke a finger into Pete’s forehead. “As long as you enjoyed it, we’re good. You liked it didn’t you?”

“Fuck, yes!” Pete’s enthusiastic reply has me chuckling. Rolling to face me, Pete’s hand falls between us and against my very obvious cloth covered hard-on causing me to groan. A mischievous grin appears on Pete’s face and his hands quickly tug off my remaining clothes. “Your turn!”

Pete stares at my hard body part before him, making my face heat up with a blush. Reaching out a hand, he softly pets the blunt red head and slides down the smooth shaft. I suck in a gasp as a tingle shoots through me at the touch. Holding my breath, I watch the hand descend again to repeat the action, this time wrapping all the way around. I lean forward and growl into Pete’s shoulder, giving the skin a nip.

Growing bolder and more confident, Pete slides his hand up and down, over and over again, stealing my excited groans with his mouth. Lost in the feel, I shove Pete onto his stomach and lay on top of him, forcing his hand to stop with its torment.  Licking my way up Pete’s spine, I nestles between Pete’s open knees. My hard length pressing against Pete’s lean cheeks makes me groan even louder and I rut against him to increase the feeling.

“You feel so good, baby.” I whisper, nibbling on the fleshy part of Pete’s shoulder. “You taste good, too.”

“Earn.” Pete moans my name as I continue to rub against him. Suddenly, he angles his ass up and pushes back against me. We both groan at the feel. A few more times and we are panting. The need is twisting inside me and I want more. I need more, but I don’t know if Pete is ready for that step.

“Earn, fuck me. Please.” The words come out on a moan, surprising me.

“Pete?” The sudden demand, causing me to stop and stare down at my lover. “Are you sure?”

“I need to feel you. Please, Earn.” Pete is practically begging me as he stares at me through lust filled eyes while on all fours. It is the sexiest thing I have ever seen and is more than enough of an answer.  I crawl over to the nightstand and pull open the bottom drawer, where I grab two items and toss them onto the bed. One is a box condoms and the other is a bottle of lube.

“Just in case or wishful thinking?” Pete asks me as he eyes the items.

“A little of both.” I mumble back, refusing to look up at him. Since knowing I had a decided preference for my own gender, I thought getting these would be a good idea. Damn am I glad that I did. Getting back behind Pete, I open the bottle and a subtle scent of coconut fills the area as I pour a large amount into the palm of me hand.

“Try to relax.”

“Relax what?”

“I don’t know. Your ass muscles I guess.” I answer hesitantly and look from the messy glob in my hand to Pete’s puckered, dark hole. “That’s what they are always saying when it comes to this so just try to do it.”

Scooping up some, I run my fingers down the crease between his cheeks and Pete shivers. I circle the hole and Pete whimpers. Making sure my fingers are well coated, I slowly insert one finger and Pete hisses at the intrusion.

“Are you okay?” Unsure of whether to keep going, I start to pull my finger back.

“Don’t stop now!” Pete demands and pushes against my hand, sinking the finger to the second knuckle.

The heat surrounding my finger makes my dick twitch, eager to take its place. I slowly rub in and out until the passage eases and then add a second finger. Pete hisses again in discomfort but this time I don’t stop. My fingers slide in and out and I twist them around. The knot in my stomach coils tighter, wanting more. By the time I add the third finger, Pete is rocking back against me despite the pain he is feeling and is making it more and more difficult to go slow.

“That’s enough, Earn.” Pete pants out and looks over his shoulder. Sweat is glistening on his brow and his cheeks are a rosy pink. “Please, I need more. I need you.”

Those few words destroy my patience. Removing my fingers, I tears open the box of condoms and pull out a packet. Ripping it open, I pinch the top and unroll it onto me. I pour some more lube over the top and rub it all around with a trembling hand, knowing Pete’s lust-filled gaze is watching me intently.

Pressing two soft kisses the small of Pete’s back, I line up the thick head with Pete’s waiting ass and push forward slowly, rocking my hips side to side. When I penetrate the outer ring, Pete grabs a pillow and yells into it.

“Relax, baby, relax.” Every muscle tense, my hands hold Pete in place by his hips to keep him from moving. It takes every ounce of my concentration to continue the slow rocking instead of plunging myself in to the hilt. The thought of Pete’s pain keeping me in check when my body is screaming to move.

“Are you okay?” My strained whisper comes out as I pause after getting half way in.

“Fine.” A few deep breaths and Pete pushes back against me, sinking my dick in deep. “Ahhhhh.”

“Fuck!” My grip tightens on Pete’s hips, possibly leaving bruises, and I lean forward trying to control myself. The insanely tight, hot feel of Pete wrapped around me sending me to the very edge. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Pete shifts his legs wider and the movement is my undoing as every thought is scattered. Any chance of keeping it slow is lost as a wave of pure pleasure hits me. I thrust my hips against him hard, never coming out more than half way, only to ram back in again. Pete whimpers at the pain but continues to meet my every thrust. My hips piston back and forth, slapping against Pete’s butt, the crazed tingles building quickly. On one thrust, deep inside him, my cock presses against a spot that has Pete seeing stars. “EARN!”

Finding that, I hit it again, wanting Pete to have as much pleasure as I am having. Pete moans, grabbing his own newly hardened cock. He jerks it roughly to the same rhythm as me, tightening his hold each time I finds that bundle of nerves. I’m so fucking close, every nerve is sizzling, and I want Pete there with me.

I lean low and ram into him with several quick, hard thrusts, hitting that spot every time. Pete’s eyes almost cross as he shouts my name and coats the sheets under us in a creamy white liquid. My balls tighten almost to the point of pain with my boyfriend’s walls spasming around my dick. My world shatters as pleasure pulses over me and I fill the end of the condom.

Our bodies shaking, we collapse with me still on top and still inside Pete. Gathering myself together with an unsteady breath, I pull away with a groan and Pete hisses. The condom slips off and remains half lodged in Pete’s abused hole, sticky white liquid dribbling out and down his pale cheek.

“Damn it. No one ever mentioned this part.” Grabbing a tissue, I tug it out and clean up the mess, grumbling and embarrassed. Rolling the used condom up in the tissue, I throw it in the waste basket.

“It’s fine.” Pete gives a tired laugh. With a painful wince, he sits up and wraps his arms around my neck, giving me a soft, chaste kiss on the lips. “For our first time, that was freaking amazing.”

“I love you, Penguin.” I snuggle into Pete’s hug, feeling drowsy and content.

“Love you, too, Panda.” Pete whispers into my ear.

“Sorry I hurt you.” Hanging my head, I pull back a bit and stare at Pete through my lashes.

“It was going to hurt either way and you more than made up for it… but, next time, your ass is mine.”