3. Noh’s Kiss – Part 2

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**************WARNING*****************ADULT CONTENT****************WARNING****************

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“Morning Kiss”

Part 2

In the shower as we rinse off, we exchange sweet kisses and soft caresses, leaving me feeling very content. After drying off, we don’t bother getting dressed and just curl up under the bed covers together. I give Noh one more kiss as our eyes drift shut, sleep overtaking our tired bodies.






Mmm… smooth skin pressing against the length of me… warm breath wafting across my bare chest… a delectable hardness rubbing against my hip… a slight movement and suddenly silky lips are nibbling at my own. Mmm… Noh… My Noh.

I return the kiss eagerly… My Noh is the only thing running through my mind, like a litany. My arms tighten around him as I turn on my side, pulling him fully against my awakening body. The feel of him heating my blood, making me burn. His lips move down my neck, leaving a wet trail of kisses. Unable to hold it in, I moan in pleasure.

“Noh… Noh…” Whispering over and over again, it becomes a chant, a wish, my prayer.

My eyes open to look at the one I adore and find a beautiful face looking back at me with fiery eyes, burning in anger… Aim.

“Holy Fuck!” Startled, I push away and fall off the bed, hitting my head on the hard floor, effectively waking my dumb ass up the rest of the way. The vision of Aim disappears and I’m left laying naked on the floor, cursing quietly until Noh’s buzz cut head peeks out over the side.

“Shit, man. Are you okay?” His eyes are wide but I can see, even in this darkness, the laughter lurking in his smile.

“Fine.” I grumble and he bursts into a fit of giggles. Getting up, I crawl back into bed under the blanket. “Thanks for your concern.” Sarcasm drips from every word as I push the giggling idiot out of the way and roll to my side, facing away from him.

“Aww, Phun. Don’t be like that.” Noh cajoles and pushes my shoulder with his hand. I ignore him but he doesn’t give up and starts tugging at my arm. “Come on, Phun. I’m sorry I laughed. What the hell happened anyway? Why did you scream like that?”

“Mmm” is my only response. This is one thing he does not need to know and I can’t even imagine trying to explain.

“Phuuuunnn.” He drags my name out in a whine before letting go of my arm. I’m not actually mad at him but this is fun. “Fine. If you won’t forgive me or face me, then I will just continue what we started from here.”

Suddenly, I feel soft lips nipping at the back of my neck and a hand gliding down my back to my ass. His hand rubs a circle and then massages up my spine and back down. This time his lips and tongue follow, leaving a hot, wet trail.

“Phun, are you sure you don’t want to turn around?” Noh whispers against my skin between kisses.

Even after being startled and falling off the bed, I am still turned on from Noh so his touch now is already driving me to the edge. Biting my pillow to keep from moaning, I’m hoping he’ll continue, but my traitorous body shivers in response. He lets go of me and everywhere is suddenly cold without him. Then he’s back, his hand grips my hip as he presses our bodies together, every hot inch of him burning me as he bites my shoulder and sucks. There’s going to be a bruise but I can’t find it in me to care at the moment as I gasp.

His fingers move forward and my dick twitches in anticipation. I want him to touch me almost as bad as I want to touch him, to take control, to take him. I grip my pillow, trying to hold out. As his hand wraps around the mushroom-shaped head and slides down my hard shaft, his hips thrust against my ass and we both groan in pleasure. He repeats this several times and our cocks start to seep, making everything slide faster, easier, and the feeling is amplified. His hips move in time with his hand, until we are both panting.

Unable to stand it anymore, I pull his hand off of me and roll over on top of Noh with a growl so we are face to face. His eyes are hooded, his pale cheeks are flushed, and his irresistible full lips are slightly parted. Supported on my elbows, I watch as the tip of his pink tongue wets his lower lip and I lose it. I need a taste of Noh. I kiss him fiercely, passionately, thoroughly. As our tongues caress each other and our bodies entwine together, my mind becomes a blur of pleasure and Noh. The more I have of him, the more I need. He’s my addiction and I’m happily drowning in him.

I tear myself away from his lips to kiss my way down his neck to his shoulder, where I mark him, as he did me. Continuing down, I lick and tease his nipples, making him squirm but this is not where I want to stop. I still want to taste Noh.

Noh sucks in his breath as my lips continue their exploration downward, over the smooth skin on his belly, my tongue dipping playfully into his bellybutton making him jump a little, and then lower. He grips handfuls of the bedsheets, eyes closed, as he focuses completely on the path of my mouth. I wait until his eyes peek open and he leans up a little to look down at me. Our eyes make contact as my mouth covers the head of his cock. His eyes widen as his hard length slowly slides in. His breathing stops, only to start again in rough little pants as my tongue rubs against the sensitive skin in my mouth. When my head starts to bob slowly up and down, my hand joins in to rub all the way to the base and around his balls. Noh’s eyes close as he falls back against the bed and his hands leave the bedsheets to tangle in my hair.

I can feel him pulsing in my mouth, his taste clean and a little salty. The heady smell of soap and sex and something that is just Noh fills my senses when I breathe in, exciting me. My pace quickens and Noh’s hips begin to buck against the restraint of my other hand, wanting more.

“Fuck it!” Noh’s voice is harsh with need when he grabs and pulls me up over him, crashing our lips together. His hands move down my belly to stroke my cock and I rock against them, pleasure tingling across every nerve. I pull away before I burst, my breathing ragged.

“I need you, Noh.” I’m practically whimpering, but I don’t care. Noh is under me, my body is raging, but I don’t want to hurt him. Noh reaches over to the nightstand silently and opens the drawer, pulling out a small tube of lube and pack of condoms. He doesn’t say anything, just hands them to me. My eyes widen but I am beyond asking or caring where these came from. I rub a big glob of lube all over my fingers.

Noh lifts his knees up and I carefully insert one finger into him, moving it around. It’s not long before I add a second, Noh is relaxing a lot faster than the first time we did this. As I scissor my fingers back and forth, he grits his teeth but doesn’t tense up. When I add my third finger, my eager lips swallow his cock at the same time and Noh moans. My mouth imitates the motion of my fingers and I can feel him start to press against me. If I don’t take him now, I’m going to embarrass myself and cum all over the sheets.

Pulling my fingers out, I rip the wrapping off a condom with my teeth and unroll it onto me. I put a generous amount of lube on and rub it up and down my cock, gritting my teeth at the feel. There’s no more waiting.

I push his knees forward, exposing his sexy ass, and guide the head of my dick into his tight hole. Heat wraps around me bit by bit as I slowly push forward. I hear Noh hiss in pain and my head clears for a moment, pausing my movement as I look down at him.

“Don’t fucking stop!” Noh grabs my waist and pulls. As I fall forward, I slip in the rest of the way, all the way to the base. Noh grunts but doesn’t let go of me. My mind goes black as pleasure rocks my body and I throb inside him. This feels too good, as if Noh’s body was made for mine. I never want to move and fight to keep still, to keep this connection, blindly kissing whatever body parts I can reach until I find my way to his lips. My tongue invades the dark recesses of his mouth and wrestles with his.

His grip lessens so I lean up onto my hands and pull part of the way out, only to push back in slowly. It’s killing me to keep this pace, the urge to ram into him almost overwhelming, but I keep at it until Noh is ready. I watch as he bites his lower lip, concentrating on the feel of me inside him. I thrust into him again and again, moving faster each time, rolling my hips. With one particular roll of my hips, Noh’s whole body jolts and his eyes go wide. Repeating it, he jolts again and his eyes close as his hand reaches down to quickly stroke his hard length, matching me thrust for thrust. With one more well placed thrust, his hips buck sporadically and thick ropes of cum shoot out from his tip, splattering across his belly and chest as his hand continues to slide up and down. His shout is muffled by his free hand.

The sight of his satisfaction sends me over the edge and I pump into him furiously. My nerves sizzle and my gut clenches as I thrust into his tight warmth one last time and my orgasm claims me sending waves of pleasure through my body, my mind goes blank and then shatters. I fall on top of Noh and kiss his lips.

We stay like that until I can feel my toes again and I start to soften, so I pull out of him and sit up. Noh hisses quietly but waves off my look of concern. Removing the used condom I tie it off and wrap it in a tissue before throwing it into the trash.

“Damn it!” Noh’s shout, startles me and I look at him worried, but he’s looking down at himself with a disgusted look. “Freaking again.”

I laugh when I realize what he means. We managed to, once again, make a sticky, sweaty mess of ourselves… and I couldn’t be happier. Noh gets up and stands next to the bed with his hand out to me.

“Well, are you coming with? Because there is no way I am sleeping next to you like this.” He points to his stomach and chest with his other hand.

Noh is standing in front of me, bare-ass naked and glistening from sex, asking me to take his hand. He could take me into Hell and I will still go with him, holding onto him the whole way. I take his hand and am thankful he is only leading me to the shower this time.

As we scrub our bodies clean, stealing kisses here and there, I spot the small bruise on his shoulder. Seeing it, I grin and touch the spot lightly. “My Noh.” The words slip out as I lean down to kiss the mark that shows he belongs to me. A second later, I feel his kiss on my shoulder. When he moves away, I see the mark he left on me and my heart swells. I am his.

We finish cleaning up and put on shorts and tank tops to sleep in before climbing back into bed. We snuggle down under the blanket, Noh’s head resting on my shoulder and his arm across my waist. As I rub his shoulder, something peaks my curiosity.

“Hey, Noh.”


“Where did the lube and condoms come from?” Looking down, I can’t see his face, but his ears turn a bright red.

“Don’t ask.” He mumbles into my chest.

“Noh?” I squeeze him lightly. “Come on. Tell me. Where did you get them? When did you get them?”

He mumbles quietly into my chest and I can’t understand a word of it.


“Yu brought it.” Noh almost shouts at me, his face turning even redder.

“Yuri?!” I squeak, not expecting that as his answer. Never would I have pegged Yuri as the kind of girl to carry sex supplies around with her.

“Yes, Yuri.” Sighing, he looks up at me. “I guess she had planned some big seduction scene for last night. You and I spoiled it when we fell asleep on the beach chairs. I confiscated some of it so she wouldn’t try again tonight if we ended up in the same room.”

“I didn’t think Yuri was that kind of girl.” Worried, I hug him closer. Would she have succeeded if he had gone to the room last night? The thought terrifies me. I can’t lose him. I may be the worst kind of asshole but I can’t give him up and I can’t lose him.

“Noh?” The question won’t come out but he understands what I’m asking.

“Dumbass.” Noh playful smacks the top of my head. “I’m not interested in Yu in that way.”

His quick answer, relieves my mind and I give him a quick kiss. There are more questions and problems we need to figure out but they will have to wait for another day. Sleep drags us under and we stay wrapped in each other’s arms the rest of the night.






The next morning, I wake up to a hand smacking me in the head (again). Irritated, I reach up to scratch my head and open one eye to glare at the culprit. “Why did you wake me up?”

“Are you gonna sleep all day or what?” Noh’s entirely too chipper voice asks as he checks the time on his phone. “It’s already 9 AM!”

“Just wake me up at 10.” It is way too early to be awake after the night we had. I rub my head again and close my eyes.

“Get up now!” Noh is being so persistent about this but I just want to sleep. Seeing that I am not about to get out of this warm, comfortable bed, he gives up. “Fine, sleep. I’m gonna go get something to eat.”

“Stay with me until 10 and then we’ll leave together.” Flinging my arm over him, I hold him next to me. Sleeping in is not nearly as much fun without Noh here too.

“I’m starving though.” He complains as he struggles against me.

“Let’s sleep.”

“Let’s eat!”

“Let’s sleep.”

“I wanna eat!”


“No, I’m hungry.” He manages to sit up finally and looks down as his stomach growls loudly, waking me up. Embarrassed, he glances over and me.

“You’re that hungry?” I roll towards him amused.

“Yeah.” His eyes shy away from mine.

“Fine. Let’s go eat. Lemme take a quick shower first.” I sit up and pull off the blankets.

“Yo! Me first!” Noh yells at me, but I ignore him and climb out of bed, quickly heading into the bathroom. He shouts after me, still tangled in the blanket. “Yo! Yo! Yo! But I woke up first! Phun!”

In the bathroom, I lean against the door and smile. I love waking up with Noh, but now I really want to kiss him. I open the door and peek out to see Noh messing with his phone on the bed.


“What?” He looks up but doesn’t move from his position.

“Come here a sec!”

“What the hell do you want?” With a frustrated look, he gets off the bed and walks toward me. “Did you find a mermaid in the bathtub?”

“What’s with you?” He comes closer and I smile at him. “What is it?”

“Come here.”

“What?” He asks again but I just wave him closer, smiling wider.

He refuses to come closer so I reach out and drag him in by his shoulder, then lift my hands to grasp those cute red ears. Pulling his face close to mine, he still resists and tries to shake his head.

“That hurts.” He says, trying to get away.

I know it doesn’t really since I’m not holding him that tightly. If he really wants to get away, he easily can. Holding his head still, I plant a soft, sweet kiss on his nose.

“Morning kiss.” Letting him go, I grin at how flustered he is.

“Gross! You didn’t even brush your teeth yet!” He yells at me, but I can see the delight in his eyes. I laugh as I go to take my shower. Noh didn’t complain about the kiss, I notice, just that I haven’t brushed my teeth. He’s so fucking adorable.

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