1. The First

Warning – Explicit Adult Content Below – If you are under the age of 18, please go read something else!


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“I want you, Noh” Phun’s voice is quiet and full of need as he grasps Noh’s shoulder and pulls him close.

Noh’s eyes dip closed as Phun’s face comes closer. There’s no hesitation and not a single thought of denying what both have been yearning for since that moment in Noh’s room. Their lips meet, softly, sweetly, but it’s not enough. Hungry for more, Phun angles his head to the side and slides his tongue along the slit of Noh’s mouth, begging entry. Noh gasps at the feeling which is all the invitation Phun needs. He slips his tongue into the warm crevice, making Noh moan in pleasure.

Lost to everything but the man in front of him, Noh stands and pushes Phun back onto the bed. Falling with him, he never once let go of those intoxicating lips. Phun’s hands sneak under his shirt and up his back. He releases Noh’s lips long enough to pull the shirt up over Noh’s head and returns as he tosses the shirt to the floor.

Phun wraps his warm arms around Noh and rolls them over, putting Noh under him. His lips kiss their way to Noh’s ear, where Phun’s breath has Noh squirming under him. Phun licks the soft lobe before pulling it into his mouth and letting his teeth gently rub again it. Noh grips Phun’s back as Phun’s tongue traces a path down his neck. Then moans as he feels firm lips nibbling at the base of his throat.

Noh leans his head up and softly bites Phun’s shoulder. His hands feel their way up Phun’s shoulders and slide his silky hair. Pulling Phun’s head up, Noh smashes their lips together, letting their tongues wrestle as their bodies press together.

Noh, excited, moves his hands down and fumbles with the buttons of Phun’s shirt. Able to only undo a few, Noh impatiently grips the sides of the shirt lifts in off over Phun’s head. When Phun’s body comes back down, their heated skin meets and their arms wrap around each other, gripping with need, as their mouths lock together once more.

Rolling to the side, their hands freely roam over the heated skin, learning each other’s body. Without a thought, only knowing he wants more, Noh’s hands slip down to Phun’s belt and unbuckles it. Phun, startled, quickly places a hand over Noh’s and pulls away just far enough to look into his eyes.

“Noh?” Phun questions in a gruff voice. “Are you sure you want to go that far?”

“Don’t you?” Hesitant now, Noh pulls his hands away slightly. “We can stop.”

As Noh is about to roll away, Phun quickly grabs him by the neck and pulls him in for a quick kiss. “I want. Fuck yes, I want.” He takes off his shorts and his nimble fingers go to work divesting Noh of his belt and shorts.

Phun pushes Noh onto his back and rolls on top of him, one of his legs wedging in between Noh’s. He can feel Noh’s hard length through the thin material of his boxers. Phun grins wickedly and gently rubs his thigh up against the hard bulge, making Noh groan. “I guess I have my answer.”

“Shut up, Asshole.” A blush stains Noh’s fair skin as his eyes dart away in embarrassment.

“You are so fucking cute.” Phun chuckles, admiring the pink in Noh’s cheeks. Noh’s head whips back and his mouth opens to retort but Phun is quicker. He covers Noh’s mouth with his own, his tongue taking advantage of the opening. Noh’s thoughts scatter in an instant and his hands roughly grip Phun, pressing him against his body.

Phun kisses Noh for a long time before licking his way down Noh’s throat and then he keeps going until he finds Noh’s hard nipple. Giving it a quick lick, he smiles as Noh jerks in surprise. Phun’s lips playfully kiss and nip at the little bud as his right hand caresses its way down Noh’s stomach. His fingers spread out as his palm slides lower. Noh is panting in anticipation, his fingers digging into the firm skin of Phun’s shoulders.

Phun’s fingers slip to the side under the waistband of Noh’s boxers and pushes them down over one hip. His hand curls around the side of Noh’s ass, pulling the boxers with it. Phun turns his fingers and grabs the waistband, pulling the boxers down as far as he can reach. Sitting up, he quickly pulls them the rest of the way off and tosses them out of the way.

Noh bites his lower lip, bashfulness and lust battling it out in his eyes, as he looks up at Phun, whose hungry gaze is ravishing Noh’s body from the tips of his toes to the top of his buzz cut head. Phun hastily removes his own boxers with shaking hands, his gaze locked on Noh. He sits for a moment until Noh lean up and kisses him, wrapping his arms around Phun’s neck and pulling him back down onto the bed. Phun reaches down and wraps a hand around Noh’s hard cock, sliding down the length until his fingers rub against Noh’s balls. Noh’s breath stops. Phun repeats the action and Noh’s hips jerk, his breath coming out in a gasp.

Curious, Phun leans up on one elbow to watch Noh as his hand continues with its pleasurable work. Noh is beyond caring, with his eyes closed, his focus is entirely on Phun’s wicked fingers. He has one hand digging into Phun’s back while the other is gripping the edge of the pillow under his head. Noh’s hips jerk in rhythm with Phun’s hand as it moves steadily up and down, caressing his balls every once in a while.

A little liquid escapes from the tip of Noh’s penis and lubricates Phun’s hand, increasing the intense feeling. Phun leans down and licks Noh’s nipple, eliciting a gasp from his lover. He licks and nips his way to the other nipple and then down Noh’s stomach.

“Phun?” Noh glances down at the top of Phun’s head, seeing only the glistening mop of dark hair.

Phun hesitates for less than a second before Noh feels Phun’s tongue lick the tip of him. Then a soft, wet warmth engulfs the thick mushroom shaped head and slides half way down the shaft, following the hand that slides down to it base. Noh stiffens and grabs handfuls of Phun’s hair as his vision begins to splinter from the pleasure. Nothing he had ever done to himself with his hand felt anywhere close to the way Phun’s mouth feels.

Phun’s lips slide back up, carefully trying not to scrape the sensitive area with his teeth. This is easier said than done but the rough moan from Noh encourages him further. He slowly bobs his head down and up, over and over, with his tongue caressing everywhere it touches. Noh’s body shakes as intense tingles radiate along his nerves and a familiar pressure begins to build, the steady rhythm quickly driving him straight to the edge.

“Phun!” Noh groans as he quickly pulls Phun’s head up, unable to hold back any longer. Thick white ropes of cum shoot onto Noh’s stomach as Phun’s hand continues to rub and Noh twitches and gasps for breath.

When Noh’s orgasm finally abates and he’s lying there quietly with his eyes closed, Phun reaches over to the small bedside table for the box of tissues. He wipes off his hand and cleans Noh’s stomach, ignoring the throbbing, ache coming from his own unfulfilled need. Phun tosses the tissues into the waste basket by the bed and puts the box back on the table.

Looking down at his spent lover, Phun can’t help but admire how sexy and gorgeous Noh is at this moment, his skin tinted a dusky rose color and glistening from their activities. Noh’s eyes open and he catches Phun’s longing stare. His eyes wander down to Phun’s still very evident hard-on and he gives a little smile. “My turn.”

Noh pulls Phun down on top of him and latches his lips onto Phun’s. His right hand swiftly slips down between them and wraps around Phun’s throbbing cock. Phun groans low into Noh’s mouth, his tongue imitating what his body wants. Fascinated with Phun’s reaction, Noh rubs again, twisting his hand around as is goes down and back up, mimicking everything that makes himself feel good. Phun breaks away from their kiss with a loud moan. He grips Noh’s hip with a free hand and thrusts up against him, rubbing his rock hard length against Noh’s, which is beginning to wake up again.

Noh’s hand comes up and joins the other to wrap around Phun’s neck and pull him in for a heated kiss. Phun’s hips continue to rock and Noh get harder with every touch. Their movements get quicker and more eager. Their breaths between kisses are more ragged. Their hands rubbing, touching, and caressing every piece of exposed skin they can reach.

“Phun…” Noh whispers the name on an exhale.

“Noh, I want you… now. Can I?” It was asked in voice filled with restrained passion and a bit of hesitancy. Noh knows what Phun is asking and has an indescribable craving to be so intimately connected to this man. Afraid to look too deeply into it and knowing he will chicken out if he thinks too long, Noh nods his head in agreement.

Phun’s eyes widen in excitement, then he kisses Noh eagerly as he reaches over to open the drawer of his nightstand. Lifting out a box and a small tube of something, he sets them on the bed. The one turns out to be a tube of lubricant and the other is a box of condoms. Opening the box, Phun looks inside and lets out a disappointed groan. “Empty. Fuck!” He throws the box to the far corner of the room in frustration and sits on the edge of the bed.

“It’s fine.” Noh rolls off the bed onto his knees and moves between Phun’s legs. “I can do this too.” Lifting himself up a little, Noh kisses Phun and wraps his hands around Phun’s hips. He kisses his way down to Phun’s taunt nipples and lavishes attention on them while his hand comes around to massage Phun’s thick erection. Phun’s hands land on Noh’s shoulders as he moans in pleasure.

Noh’s mouth works its way down further and he licks up the length of Phun’s hard shaft. He teases the end with the tip of his tongue before slowly lowering his mouth down as far as he could go without gagging. Phun throws his head back in pleasure and his grip tightens on Noh’s shoulders. Noh bobs his head up and down two more times, before Phun pulls him off suddenly. “What the…”

Without explanation Phun stands up and practically runs bare-assed to his desk and rips open his wallet where he pulls out two condoms triumphantly. Noh, still sitting on the floor, watches as Phun turns back to him, a burning look in his eyes. The sight makes Noh’s heart almost stop and then beat double time. Phun walks back to him and sets the condoms on the nightstand.

He takes Noh by the wrist and pulls him onto the bed with him. His lips crash into Noh’s as his hand makes a beeline for Noh’s semi-hard cock. A few feverish caresses and Noh is at full attention.   Sitting up he grabs the tube and squeezes a good amount onto his fingers.

“Try to relax.”

Noh, somewhere in the furthest back portion of his mind, can’t help but think, ‘Famous last words…’ The rest of him is completely focused on the greased up hand coming towards his ass. Phun leans forward, pushing Noh’s knees up. Before Noh knows what’s happening, Phun’s head descends and wraps warm lush lips around his cock, sucking it in as far as he can. The surge of wet heat sends Noh’s head spinning and his hands dig into the sheets at his sides. He almost doesn’t feel the intrusion of Phun’s first finger. Almost.

It feels different and a little uncomfortable as Phun wedges it in and out but easily bearable with Phun’s slippery tongue dancing across his sensitive skin. When a second finger is added, Noh definitely notices and winces. Phun slowly pushes both fingers into the tight hole and pauses, his mouth still busy. Soon, he feels Noh relax and gently moves his fingers back and forth. Noh hisses but tries to stay relaxed, choosing to focus on Phun’s bobbing head.

Phun takes into his mouth as much of Noh’s hard cock as he can and quickens his bobbing pace as he adds a last finger. Noh groans in both pain and pleasure, his hands coming up to grip his knees. The feel of Noh’s tight warmth and the sexy sounds coming out of Noh’s mouth, spur Phun beyond his limits. He sits up and grabs one of the condoms. After ripping open the package, he swiftly unrolls down the length of his hard cock.

Leaning over, Phun roughly kisses Noh’s lips before flipping him over onto his hands and knees, positioning himself between Noh’s legs. He adds more lube and rubs it all over his cock, shuddering at the feel of his own hand. Unable to wait any longer, Phun guides the tip into the tight wet hole of Noh’s ass. It was almost killing him to go slow, but he can hear Noh’s painful whimpers that are muffled by the pillow Noh has shoved his face into.

After what seemed like eons, Phun is fully sheathed in Noh’s tight heat and its pure torture. Phun grabs Noh by the hips, willing himself not to move until Noh is ready. The wait was agony. The need to move overpowering. Just as he’s about to break, he feels Noh relax and the whimpers quiet down. Phun pulls his cock out partially and then inches it back in. Noh whimpers again but moves his hips to meet the thrust.

This small movement of Noh’s makes Phun’s mind go blank. His hands grip Noh’s hips like a vice and all thoughts of slow and steady have vanished. Phun leans closer over Noh and does several quick, short thrusts. With the last one, his mind shatters as jolts of lightning shoot across his nerves. He pushes his throbbing cock as far in as he can and collapses on top of Noh, shoving him down onto his stomach.

“Phun.” Noh whispers roughly after several minutes pass and Phun shows no sign of moving. “Phun. Get your ass up. You’re heavy.”

Finally, Phun rises up and shakes his head. With a sensitive groan, he pulls out of Noh and rolls to the side. Grabbing a tissue he removes the filled condom and wraps it up, throwing it into the trash basket. Reaching for Noh’s shoulder, he rolls him over into his arms with a contented sigh… until he feels Noh’s still hard cock hitting his skin.

Phun looks down at it and then back up into Noh’s eyes with a chagrinned expression. “Sorry, Noh.”


15 thoughts on “1. The First

    happyBuddha said:
    July 2, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    I’m ready to ask you to co-author something with me. I truly liked your work here.


      Jae Mi responded:
      July 2, 2015 at 7:31 pm

      Thank you. I’m glad you like my writing so much.
      What kind of story do want to collaborate on?


    I of July said:
    December 15, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    Good writing. Educational I found it to be, personally. I’ll definitely read more of your stories.

    Liked by 1 person

      Jae Mi responded:
      December 16, 2015 at 7:14 am

      Educational? I guess it can be that, but is it educational because the topic or the style of writing? Either way, I’m glad you liked it and I hope you like my other stories too.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

        I of July said:
        December 16, 2015 at 9:13 am

        Definitely the topic. We read on heterosexual encounters all the time and it was refreshing to read your story. Admittedly as a hetero dude, there’s always an apprehensiveness when one discovers it’s a same sex story. It’s the conditioning I suppose. But yes, will be reading more.

        Liked by 1 person

        Jae Mi responded:
        December 16, 2015 at 9:41 am

        Good for you on being open to reading outside your comfort zone. Really, when you get down to the mechanics of it, there isn’t a lot of difference between gay and hetero sex. A blow job is still a blow job… it’s just a matter of what body type turns you on. Take this story for instance. Switch Noh for a girl, change the names of the relevant body parts but keeping the story intact as is, and you have a decent hetero sex story.

        If you want to read something a bit more hetero of mine, try Aim’s Knight. It still has these two characters but it’s way before they realized their sexuality. If fact, there’s no sex at all in it and Phun gets a girlfriend.
        Some just prefer my Gutter Files though.

        Liked by 1 person

        I of July said:
        December 18, 2015 at 6:10 pm

        Will definitely check it out, thanks Jae

        Liked by 1 person

    ely said:
    February 4, 2016 at 2:07 am

    Hola, están muy buenas tus historias, me podías auntorizar para traducirlos al idioma español?? para los fans que hablamos el idioma español? te lo agradecería mucho y gracias por tus historias, son muy buenas 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      Jae responded:
      February 4, 2016 at 4:49 am

      Hola. I’m happy you like my stories. I’m fine with you translating them into Spanish as long as I get Author credit. Thank you for offering. If you give me the link to the translations, I will post it on my sites, too. 🙂


        ely said:
        February 5, 2016 at 2:51 am

        Gracias por tu concentimiento, obvio irán con los creditos correspondientes… gracias :)… en cuanto esté te mando el link 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        ely said:
        February 6, 2016 at 1:47 am

        Aquí te dejo el link de las traducciones al español de tus historias 🙂


        Jae responded:
        February 8, 2016 at 3:35 pm

        Thank you! I will post it on my sites. 🙂


    Blake75 said:
    April 11, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    I want to thank you for writing fanfics about love sick.I really like your style of writing and the way present the things.Please whene you have the time write more fanfics.Thank you for your hard work.


      Jae responded:
      April 12, 2016 at 12:25 am

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m very happy that you like my stories. I will continue to write as long as there is someone who wants to read. 🙂


    Blake75 said:
    April 12, 2016 at 12:06 am

    I want to thank you for writhing fanfics about love sick and for your hard work.I really like your style of writing and the way you present the things.


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