Friday’s Prince


Friday’s Prince
~A Fairytale~

Once upon a time, in a land named Friday, there lived a beloved prince by the name of Phun. He was considered by many to be the most handsome, intelligent, and kindest of people. Prince Phun often walked among the people of his land helping those in need and greeting each with a friendly smile. The only complaint anyone had of him, if it does indeed count as so, was that he was very, very quiet. Many would try to engage him in conversations of every sort but, after listening intently, he would always respond with the barest of words. As time went by, the people grew accustomed to this quirk of the prince and no longer minded since he was so excellent in all others areas.

One day, a traveler appeared and garnered much attention. Word spread far and wide as it was unusual for them to have any visitors to this small kingdom tucked away between mountains and sea. Everyone came out of their homes and stores to greet the new arrival, curious about where he had come from and what had brought him to Friday.

The prince, who had gone to enjoy the nearby beach, did not hear the news as he splashed among the waves. As he sat drying in the sun sometime later, he noticed that he was no longer alone on the stretch of warm sand. A stranger stood by the water and stared out at the sparkling expanse. A beautiful stranger with long limbs and pale, smooth skin.

Prince Phun’s eyes widened as he watched the newcomer, drinking in the clear complexion, short-cropped brown hair, and pink-tinted lips. He felt his heart beat rapidly against his chest and a warmth spread across his skin. In all the years of his short life, he had never felt anything like this. Not sure what was happening and having a strong sense of manners, the prince walked up beside the young man to welcome him. Up close, this person was even more beautiful to Prince Phun’s eyes and the prince felt an overwhelming urge be closer still.

After introducing himself, the prince talked with the young man, whose name was Noh and who was a very friendly sort on a journey to see some of the world. The more they talked, the more Prince Phun wanted to know about him. Noh, not knowing the prince’s quiet reputation, thought the prince to be quite the chatterbox besides being extremely handsome. In no time at all, the two felt as if they had known each other for ages and looked like the closest of friends. They played together on the beach, spraying water and giving each other piggyback rides as they run along the water’s edge.

The sun soon set and it was time for the two to find a meal. The prince eagerly invited his new friend to the palace to eat his fill and spend the night, once he found that Noh had nowhere to rest his head. They made their way there, talking and joking the whole way.

As the young men passed by, the townspeople stopped and stared, not that those two even noticed. It was no longer the newcomer that attracted their attention, but their reticent prince. Not a single one of them had heard him say so many words in a single conversation. Many had not heard that many words from him in their whole lives. They watched their animated prince and saw happiness sparkle in his eyes and they were delighted. Now, their prince really was perfect.

At the palace, Prince Phun introduced Noh to his parents, the king and queen of Friday. They were much impressed by him and how this new friend made their precious son smile so widely. The meal was delicious and sounds of laughter could be heard ringing through the halls from the lively conversation.

The only one who was not happy at this new development was Princess Aim, a young lady visiting from the Kingdom of Convent. She was not at all pleased by this stranger, though she hid her disdain well. This Noh person, while from a good noble family with a good name, was not of royal lineage. He was too loud, too low, and took up too much of the prince’s attention in her opinion. The prince was supposed to be enthralled with the beauty of herself, staring adoringly at her perfection, not ignoring her in favor of this unworthy person.

When the moon shone high and the stars twinkled in the sky, Princess Aim decided to take matters into her own hands and steal the prince’s affections. She snuck through the halls of the palace to the Prince’s bedroom and slid inside. Carefully she tiptoed to the edge of the bed, watching her feet so she wouldn’t trip, and climbed on top. Feeling the shock of a warm male body, she quickly wrapped her shapely arms around him.

A laugh immediately bounced off the walls that sounded decidedly unprince-like and the body in her arms wiggled, trying to escape from the hands that had inadvertently tickled him. Looking at the person in her embrace, the princess was dumbfounded. She had, quite accidently, captured Noh. Her handsome target lay on the other side of the wide bed staring at the two in shock.

Noh, who was very ticklish apparently, tried to stop laughing but couldn’t as the prince had decided to join in which started an all-out tickle war. Lost in the fun, Princess Aim forgot to be prim and proper. She forgot that she was supposed to be seducing the prince. She even forgot that Noh was not her caliber of people. The princess, for the first time in her life, let it all go and wrestled around with the boys. Her clothes were messy and her hair tangled, but she had the truest grin on her face at the end. 

With a graceful bow and no explanation, Princess Aim left the boys alone in the bedroom. A royal princess always knows when she is defeated and exits with dignity and Aim was a royal princess through and through. Noh had clearly won when it came to the prince’s heart. There was no place for a beautiful princess like her between them. On the way back to her room, the princess planned her departure for the next day, eager to return to see her dearest companion, Lady Yuri, again. 

Prince Phun and Noh laid beside each other on the large bed, which left almost half of it empty, and contemplated the ceiling. With the princess gone, the prince was even more aware of the man next to him. Everywhere their skin touched sent tingles of warmth through his body and he found it hard to catch his breath. 

Suddenly, Noh sat up and covered his mouth with a laugh. The prince followed, curious about what was so amusing. When Noh turned to tell him, they realized just how close they were to each other. The noses so close as to almost touch. Their eyes caught and neither could look away. Ever so slowly, Prince Phun leaned in, his eyes lowered to the tempting lips before him. Noh’s small pink tongue nervously darted out to wet the plush surface and the prince could take no more. The distance closed and Prince Phun claimed Noh’s mouth with a sweet kiss. He backed off after a moment and stared at the person he had come to love so completely in such a short amount of time. Noh stared back, a red blush colored his skin from the tips of his ears to the base of his neck, and his smile radiated blissful contentment. 

“Now that you are mine, I will never let you go.” Prince Phun declared to his most beloved person, unable to contain the richness of his emotion.

“I wasn’t planning on ever leaving.” Noh wrapped a hand around the back of his prince’s neck and pulled him close. With a playful grin, he captured Prince Phun’s lips once more.  

With many ups and downs and twists and turns, Prince Phun and Noh lived and loved each other through it all. It wasn’t always smooth or easy, but they stayed true and found their own happily ever after.