Phun’s Chaotic Love

This is a series of short fanfictions I wrote for the Thai novel LoveSick. I originally just did these as a Blog post, but decided to change to Page. You don’t actually have to read the novel in order to understand and enjoy these stories, but it does help.  All credit for LoveSick and its characters go to their wonderful creator P’Hed.  Only these stories are mine.  Most will probably be told in first person from Phun’s perspective.  I hope you enjoy reading.  Thanks!  ~Jae

*There will be a few swear words but nothing graphic.

The stories:

Almost A Kiss           Torn            I Miss You           Aim’s Knight

These stories are now being translated into Russian by Cornissa from AFF. For those interested, the link is:
Thanks Cornissa for all the hard work!

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