5. Home: Part 1


Strong sexual content

Only read if you are old enough and mature enough. If not, please find another story to read.


This is a fanfiction based off the novel, LoveSick, written by P’Hed. The characters are hers. Only the story is mine.



Part 1

It’s unusually quiet in the complex tonight. Even the sounds from the street below are muffled in the dark room, but Ohm doesn’t notice as his mind is lost in the world of music. Eyes closed and hands covering the shiny black headphones on his ears, all of his concentration is on the rhythm and flow of the notes. Sitting on the table in front of him is his laptop with a display of a digital mixing table and sound board. Every so often, Ohm reaches down and adjusts something on the screen until the sounds flowing into his ears is exactly the way he wants.

It’s been just over a year since he graduated with all of his friends from Friday College. While his grades have never been great, his impressive musical talent and father’s influence got him into the University’s School for the Arts. He and his best friend, Noh, just started their second year and share a fourth floor walk-up just off of campus.

It’s Friday night and Ohm is home alone. Noh left a little while ago with his boyfriend, Phun, to find someplace to eat and had invited him along but Ohm had declined. He isn’t in the mood to be around other people, even his friends. It’s been a month since Mick left for the study exchange Friday College was doing with another school. A month of exchanging text messages, squeezing in a quick video call before bed, and patiently waiting for the next time he can see the person he loves most.

Setting down his headphones, Ohm saves his work and turns off the laptop. A small lamp on the corner of the desk is the only light in the room as he walks over to the couch. Thoughts of Mick fill his head and loneliness fills his heart. With a sad sigh, he falls onto the soft cushions and leans his head back. Just as he’s getting comfortable, a light knock coming from the front door reaches his ears. No one said they were stopping by tonight so Ohm thinks the sound is coming from one of the neighbor’s apartments and tries to ignore it, but the knocking becomes more insistent. It is definitely coming from his front door.

“Damn it, Noh!” Ohm grumbles as he stands up and heads for the door. “Did you forget your fucking keys again? I thought you gave one to Phun…” He whips open the door and his rant stops suddenly as his eyes widen in shock.

“P’Ohm!” A warm body tackles him after dropping travel bags on the floor. Two thin arms wrap around his neck and the cutest face he’s ever seen snuggles against his neck. Ohm stands there frozen, his mouth half open and his arms limp. Mick leans back to look up at him with a pout. “Didn’t you miss me at all? Where’s my hug?”

“Mick?” The whisper is barely more than a breath. Hearing it makes Mick smile and he snuggles against Ohm again. “Mick!” It finally hits Ohm that this is really his boyfriend; that Mick is here. Wrapping his arms around the thinner guy, Ohm crushes him against his chest.

“I need to be able to breathe, P’.” Mick laughs, teasing the older man, and Ohm loosens his grip slightly.

“What are you doing here, Mick? You aren’t supposed to be back for another week.”

“The school was flooded so they ended the program early.”

“You didn’t go home, yet?” Ohm looks down at the bags lying abandoned on the floor. “Mom is going to be worried.”

“I missed you.” Mick blushes as he steps back. Picking up his bags, he keeps his gaze on his shoes as his blush deepens. “I told Mom I wouldn’t be home until tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” An eager grin spreads across Ohm face and his eyes light up. Stepping closer, he takes the bags out of Mick’s hands and sets them inside the doorway. “Need a place to crash tonight?”

Unable to answer, Mick nods his head with his eyes still on his shoes. Ohm grabs him by the wrist, pulling him into the apartment, and closes the door behind him. Letting go, he picks up the luggage and sets it next to the door to his room. When Ohm turns around, his body is pushed against the wall by the weight of his boyfriend and soft lips latch onto his own.

It only takes Ohm an instant to respond, melting into the kiss. The touch so familiar and always sending a thrill through him. Their lips move across each other in a sinfully sweet way until Ohm pulls away slowly, lingering over a last little taste. He opens his eyes to find Mick staring at him hungrily, his large brown eyes heavy lidded and his lips wet and rosy.

“Damn Mick.” Ohm growls, switching their positions and pushing Mick up against the wall. One hand cups Mick’s smooth cheek as the other slides over his hip to hold him in place as Ohm dives in for another kiss. His tongue slides over the full bottom lip begging entry and making Mick gasp, which is all the invitation Ohm needs. Tilting Mick’s head, Ohm deepens the kiss, their tongues wrestling. He lowers his hand to join the other then both slide around to cup the soft, round ass. Pulling the boy up against him, Ohm’s lips trail across his cheek and he nips at Mick’s sensitive neck.

“Ohm…” Mick quietly moans the name, his arms wrapping around Ohm’s neck to keep him in place.

“I’ve got you, Bae.” Chuckling, Ohm reaches over and opens his bedroom door. Quickly pulling his boyfriend inside, he shuts it and turns the lock. No way is he letting his asshole best friend interrupt tonight and neither is he letting his sexy, cute boyfriend escape. “Now, where were we?”

With a naughty grin, Ohm wraps his hands under Mick’s bottom and lifts him up, leaning him into the door. Mick’s legs automatically lock around the solid hips as his hands hold onto the wide shoulders for balance. “Perfect.” Ohm leans forward and latches onto the open expanse at the base of Mick’s throat, licking and sucking until he’s satisfied with the mark he’s made on his lover. “Mine.”

Mick’s eyes flare at the word and he laces his fingers through Ohm’s hair, tilting his head back so their lips can meet. With a low growl, Ohm carries his boyfriend to the bed and sits down. Mick adjusts his legs and grips the hem of his lover’s tee-shirt, pulling it off over his head and tossing it onto the floor. He runs his hands over firm pecs and over the wide shoulders.

Wanting to feel more, Ohm hastily undoes the buttons down Mick’s white school shirt and slides it off the pale shoulders. His lips follow the path of the shirt across the skin. After tossing the shirt away, he scoots them back on the bed and rolls over, careful to hold most of his weight off his boyfriend. The younger boy gives a quiet moan as Ohm’s hips settle comfortably between his legs, pressing intimately against him.

“Ohm…” Mick leans up with a ragged breath to nip at Ohm’s earlobe. “I’m not gonna last.”

With a shudder, Ohm pulls away and sits up. His nimble fingers easily remove Mick’s belt and blue shorts, then slowly slide off the boxers as his eyes feast on the exposed skin. Hungry to taste more, he lays down again and captures a soft kiss before licking his way down to Mick’s chest where he nips and suckles on the small, pert buds. His lover tries to pull him back up for another kiss but Ohm resists as his wicked tongue traces over the hint of abs and dips into the bellybutton.

Mick’s hands get more insistent, trying to grab hold and caress any part of Ohm they can reach. Shaking them off, Ohm gathers the wayward hands up into one of his and holds them over Mick’s head as his lips finally return for a kiss. Their tongues clash and Ohm’s rolls onto his side, his free hand moving down to softly touch the young man’s hard cock. Mick gasps and Ohm tilts his head to deepen the kiss. Wrapping his large hand around the smooth length, he starts to slide up and down, his fingertips occasionally grazing against the sensitive balls. His young lover’s hips try to thrust up to quicken the pace and a bit of liquid seeps out, allowing the hand to slide easier.

“P’…” Gasping, Mick frees his hands and digs his fingers into Ohm’s shoulders, trying to control the rising feelings.

Ohm’s hand disappears and, before Mick can complain from the sudden loss, it’s replaced by a long lick from his tongue. This is the only warning before the mushroom-shaped head is engulfed by the hot, wet heat of Ohm’s mouth. As firm lips slide down his shaft, Mick’s back arches off the bed and he moans loudly. Ohm holds down Mick’s hips as his head bobs several times, each time getting a bit lower, sucking him in with a swallow.

“Fuck, Ohm.” His hands digging into the sheets, Mick’s body thrashes at Ohm’s constraint. “I can’t… OHM!”

With a loud yell, Mick explodes in Ohm’s mouth as waves of pure pleasure rip through him. Ohm drinks up every last drop as his boyfriend shudders and releases him. With a devilish grin, he leans up and kisses each of Mick’s pink-tinged cheeks before settling a chaste kiss on his lips.