Secret Heart


Problems arise as Phun is forced to deal with losing yet another assistant (Is that the 4th or 5th one this year?), running a company, and a surprise engagement. Nothing seems to be going his way so he takes a night off to unwind at his friend’s club expecting to drink the night away in the noisy solitude of the VIP section.

Noh, on the other hand, is there to celebrate. After graduating University and working a mind-numbingly boring array of part time jobs to pay the bills, he’s finally been hired for a full time position at a company. Life is starting to look up and he wants to share his happiness.

After an accidental meeting at the club that night, neither thought they’d ever see each other again. Little did they know that fate has a lot more interesting plans for them.

*While this original story is mine, the characters I have borrowed from LoveSick: the Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Boys written by p’Hed, which includes LoveSick the Series.*

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*There may be some suggestive content and bad language.
Actually, there will definitely be some bad language, so sensitive viewers be aware.*