I Want to Call You “Baby”

*A/N – Yes, I am still writing the other stories. The last couple months have been rough but I’m getting back into the swing of things. This is a little something the muse was beating my head with and demanded to be written, inspired by the bleacher scene in LS Season 2 where Phun is trying out endearments on Noh and being shot down with each one. It is only a part. There will be more to come but I wanted to post something for my readers who have been waiting patiently for me. As always, I do not own LoveSick or it’s characters, only this story is mine. Don’t forget to Like, Follow, and leave a Comment to let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!



I Want to Call You “Baby”

“Noh, why can’t I use endearments with you?” Phun rubs a thumb across the back of the hand he’s holding, his boyfriend snug in his arms.

“Because I said so.” Noh responds after a moment’s hesitation.

“Come on. Tell me why.” He whispers into Noh’s ear and watches a shiver run through the other boy. Noh’s ears have always been sensitive and Phun likes to use that to his advantage.

“Because… it’s cheesy.” Shifting away slightly, Noh looks down at their entwined fingers.

“But other couples use them all the time.” A cute whine creeps into Phun’s voice as he nudges against Noh’s shoulder. “It’s sweet. Why can’t I call you ‘Baby’ or ‘Bae’ at least once in a while?”

“Because…” Noh is looking anywhere but at his overly handsome lover.

“That’s not a reason. Come on. Tell me the truth. Why can’t I?”

“Because I said.”

“Noh, tell me why. Please.”

“Just because.”

“Is it because you are ashamed of us?” With a sad frown, Phun drops his hands away from the other boy’s body. “I thought we were past that, but it still bothers you, doesn’t it?”

“That’s not it at all!” Turning, Noh wraps his arms around Phun. The last thing he wants is to have his boyfriend think that way again. “I love us. I love you.”

“Then why can’t I call you those things?” Phun pulls Noh closer and nuzzles his neck.

“…because…” Irritation in his voice, Noh still tilts his head to give Phun better access.

“Please tell me why. Please. Please. Please.” With each word, Phun places a sweet kiss up Noh’s neck. “Please, my Noh.”

“Because I love to hear you say my name.” Unable to control his shivers and lost in sensation, Noh blurts this out and immediately blushes a bright red to the tips of his ears. He turns away and grabs a pillow from beside him to bury his face in with an embarrassed groan. “Fuck! I did not just say that.”

“Your name…?” Eyes wide, Phun pulls the pillow away. Noh’s eyes are closed tight and his nose is crunched up. “What do you mean?”

“Damn it! Fine!” Having already said something so embarrassing, Noh figures he might as well admit it all. It’s Phun after all and they are alone, so no one else will hear how fucking sappy he can be. “I love to hear you say my name. Anyone and everyone can be called ‘Baby,’ ‘Sweetheart,’ ‘Honey,’ or ‘Bae.’  Only I get to be called ‘Noh’ by you using your sweetest tones. I love best when you say my name in the way only you can say it.”

Hoping he explained it well enough for Phun to understand, Noh steals back the pillow and whacks Phun with it before burying his face again. Phun sits beside him on the bed with his arms loosely around Noh as he considers what was said. Soon, his eyes start to sparkle and a stupid grin spreads across his face. He leans close to Noh’s ear.

“Noh.” His soft whisper causes Noh’s breath to hitch, but he doesn’t look up from the softness of the pillow. “Noh Baby, look at me.”

“What did you say?” Slowly, Noh looks up from his pillow, the blush still evident on his cheeks.

“Noh Baby.” Phun answers and captures Noh’s soft lips briefly. “My cute, loveable, insane Noh. You are too fucking adorable.”

“Shut the hell up. This is the last time I tell you anything.” Pouting, Noh shoves Phun away and tries to crawl off the bed.

“Noh.” Grabbing Noh’s hand, Phun jerks him back onto the bed, causing Noh to fall across his legs. Noh scrambles to sit up and finds himself straddling Phun’s lap and wrapped securely in Phun’s arms. “I love it best when you say my name, too, Noh Baby.”

“What’s with the ‘Noh Baby’ crap? So cheesy!” Rather happy in his current position, Noh rests his head on Phun’s shoulder. To be honest, he kinda likes being called that by Phun, but he’s not going to admit it so easily.

“I can say your name like you like and call you an endearment like I want at the same time.” Proud of his idea, Phun places a kiss on Noh’s wide forehead. “Noh Baby… do you hate it?”

“I don’t hate it.” After a long pause, Noh finally responds. “But, use it while we around others and I’ll kill you.”

“Damn, I love you.” Chuckling, Phun tilts Noh’s chin up and gives him a long slow kiss.

“Love you, too, Phun.” Noh says breathlessly after the kiss then seeks out Phun’s mouth for more. His pink tongue traces along Phun’s lips until they part, granting him entrance into the hot, wet recesses. Their tongues caress and twist, causing a tingling sensation to build and spread.

“Phun…” Noh moans as Phun’s hands slide up under his shirt to his heated skin.

“Khun Phun!” A polite knock on Phun’s locked bedroom door startles them and Noh jumps to the side off Phun’s lap. Unfortunately, it is the side closest to the edge of the bed. With a surprised yelp, Noh tumbles onto the floor. “Khun Phun! Your mother sent me to tell you that supper is ready.”

“Thank you! Noh and I will be down shortly.” Phun answers, trying not to laugh.

“Not a word!” Noh glares up at Phun from his position on the floor.

“I know you fell for me, but did you have to do it literally, too?” Unable to resist, Phun teases his boyfriend.

“Asshole.” Noh grumbles and flips up his middle finger.

“Seriously, are you okay?” Phun manages to ask between giggles.

“Yeah. I can tell you are really concerned.” Sarcasm is dripping from every word as Noh bats away the hand Phun offers. “I’ll get up on my own. Thanks.”

“Noh.” Ignoring Phun, Noh walks to the door and Phun quickly follows him. Wrapping his arms around Noh’s slim waist from behind, Phun sets his chin on Noh’s shoulder. “Noh Baby.”

“What?” Giving in a little, Noh stops and runs a hand over Phun’s arms.

“I’m hungry. Let’s go eat!” Releasing Noh, Phun hurries past, snagging Noh’s hand along the way, and drags him out the door. Noh shakes his head at the weirdness that is his boyfriend. As the love of his life leads the way to the food, Noh thinks it’s a good thing that he’s starving too.