My First Valentine – Part 4

If you are under age or sensitive, do not read past the second half after the dinner.


My First Valentine
Part 4: The Date

The days after the craziness of Valentine’s were packed with pop quizzes, group meetings, and that horrible project along with my normal class schedule and club duties. I was never so glad to finally find my bed late last night and collapsed without even taking a shower. My shoes and bag were left where I had dropped them and my eyes were closed before my head even hit the pillow.

There were no alarms to wake me up this morning, not even a text from the overly-perky-in-the-morning Kongpob. My sleep-crusted eyes finally pried themselves open just before one in the afternoon. I felt gross but well rested and immediately went to take a shower and get cleaned up. By the time I came out of the bathroom, I felt moderately more human again. A text lit up my phone as I was getting dressed and Kong’s smirking face stared back at me from the screen when I swiped it open.

“Did you sleep well, p’Arthit?
See you at 7 for our date.
❤ Kong
P.S. Check your door.”

“How the hell does he know what time I woke up?” Grumbling as I open my door, I look out into the hall and see nothing. Just as I’m about to close the door again and cuss out that freshman for his prank, I notice the bags hanging from the handle just like they had been on Valentine’s Day. That crazy jerk had done it again, breakfast delivered with my favorite pink milk and a small note that only had a heart drawn on it and the word ‘taken’ scrawled across it.

The small reminder of what I had done had me ducking my head and slamming the door closed. All those girls flirting with him and trying to give him candy had pissed me off. Knott told me before that I’m possessive of 0062 and I might have to agree with him, if only to myself. I didn’t really think when I plastered that heart on his chest. I just wanted to make a point. Who would have guessed that he would wear it for the rest of the day? Damn that brat!

Ignoring the warm giddy sensation swirling in my chest, I sit down at the small table to eat. If my eyes happen to stray towards the partially open curtain towards the dark room across from mine and my lips happen to tilt up a bit more, there is no here to see it.

There is still a few hours before meeting up with Kongpob so I decide to take a walk. I’m not in the mood for company, dodging whatever comments and teasing the guys would throw at me about tonight. Sometimes it’s nice to be alone and just relax. Throwing a blue button-down jean shirt on over my black tee-shirt, I slip on a pair of sandals and grab my wallet and keys and head out the door.

It’s a short walk to get to the open green space on campus, but enjoyable. The day is beautiful with wide blue skies and the barest puffs of pure white clouds on the horizon. A soft breeze perfumed by the nearby flower garden helps to keep the heat from being overbearing.

Finding a shaded spot with a stone bench, I take a seat and stare up through the over-lapping branches of the trees at the glints of sunlight dancing on the fluttering green leaves. A long, deep breath relaxes every muscle that was tensed up after the long week. It’s finally Saturday.

There’s a pick-up game of football going on to one side of me, the players laughing more than playing as they kick the ball around. A few small groups of students are hanging out here and there, staying out of the way of the players. At the other end of the field is the basketball court with an intense game going on, skins against shirts. Several people have gathered around and are cheering on their favorites. It’s loud and rowdy and the names they shout are swallowed up by the screams.

Leaning back, I close my eyes, thankful that the noise is on the other side of the field. It all becomes a low hum in the background as I wonder what the plan is for tonight. Kongpob wouldn’t even give a hint of what he has planned and it has me worried… and maybe a little, tiny bit excited. It’s our first Valentine’s date with each other, my first Valentine’s date ever. Thinking about the small wrapped box tucked away in the desk drawer in my room has me nervous. Will I have the courage to give it to him?

A sudden loud shout of my boyfriend’s name has my eyes flying open and darting over to the basketball game. It is easy to spot him and I’m surprised I didn’t notice when I looked earlier. His dark hair is damp from sweat which he brushes away from his face with an impatient hand as he dribbles the ball. Salty drops cling to his smooth bare skin, accenting every lean line of muscle. A slow burn begins low in my belly as I watch him shoot from the three point line. His body stretches out as the ball leaves his fingertips, the waist of his shorts sliding down his hips slightly with the action and exposing a bit more skin. My mouth goes dry and I bunch the edge of my shorts in my fist.

“Damn it!” My curse startles a couple walking nearby and they take a few quick steps to get further away from where I’m sitting. I’m used to people cautiously walking around me by now and barely take any notice of it as I stand up glaring over at the half-naked man playing basketball. Barely controlling the urge to run over there to force a shirt on him (seriously, does he have to expose himself to everyone on campus?)… or drag him away to kiss him senseless (I did not just think that!)… I turn resolutely away from the scene and walk with measured steps back to my dorm room. I refuse to embarrass myself yet again this week, no matter how much that bastard tempts me.




Sitting gingerly on the edge of my bed, which is actually neatly made for once after spending the rest of the afternoon furiously cleaning my room (who said I was trying to distract myself?!), my fingers fiddle with the small box in my hands. It’s wrapped in plain red paper without a ribbon or bow. There isn’t even a card to go with it. I trace the edges with a finger and wonder if Kong will be disappointed with the simple gift. What if he hates it?

A knock on the door makes me jump up and I realize that it’s already seven o’clock. As usual, Kongpob is exactly on time and I imagine him standing patiently outside my door watching the time tick away on his wristwatch, counting down the seconds until he can knock. Somehow, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Another knock and I straighten the collar on my shirt while running a quick hand over my hair before opening the door. Standing on the other side, Kongpob’s smile drops away and the greeting is forgotten on his lips. His eyes widen as he stares back at me.

“Hey, Kong. Is something wrong?” Looking down at my fitted black jeans and loose black button-down shirt, I check to see there’s anything out of place or a smudge of some kind but there’s nothing. He still hasn’t moved or spoken so I wave a hand in front of his face. Is he still breathing? “Kong!”

“P’Arthit, do you remember how I always said you look cute?” He responds with a low voice, a bright glint in his eyes. Unable to look at him, I look down at the box in my hand and nod, quickly shoving the gift in my pocket before he sees it. “I was wrong.”

“Kongpob…!” His words surprise me and I feel a bit hurt, even though it would irritate me anytime he said I was cute before. I’m not sure what to yell at him for so I stop after saying his name, ready to close the door in his face.

“Tonight, you are way too sexy to be cute.” Stepping closer, he breathes the words out in a low rumble that I could feel heat up my skin. His gaze rakes down my body, lingering over the skin peeking out from the open collar of my shirt.

“Pervert.” Shoving him back a step so I can try to take a normal breath that isn’t filled with the woodsy clean scent of him, I put my wallet and keys in my pockets and follow him out into the hall. The door shuts firmly behind me with a loud click. Facing Kongpob, I get my first good look at him and it’s my turn to freeze.

Don’t get me wrong, the man always looks good. He wouldn’t be the Moon of our university if he didn’t, but tonight he’s gone above and beyond. With his hair combed back and dressed in dark blue jeans and a white collarless button-down shirt with the cuffs rolled up to his forearms, he looks like he walked off the pages of a celebrity magazine. Why the hell is he complimenting me when he can look at himself in the mirror every day? How can I compare to this?

“I hope you’re hungry.” Kongpob doesn’t notice my momentary loss of reason and wraps my hand in his to pull me towards the elevator. Once inside, he pushes the button for the top floor.

“Where are we going? I thought we were going out.” He doesn’t answer my question, choosing to grin at me instead. Giving up, I lean against the back wall and wait for the doors to open.

At the ding, the doors slide open and Kong guides me out and down the hall to the last set of stairs that lead to the roof. What the hell does he have planned on the roof, of all places? If he’s thinking of shouting his love from the rooftop or some dumb ass shit like that, I just may push him off the edge. I don’t care if it looks romantic in the movies.

Opening the top door with a key he must have borrowed from the custodial staff, Kong steps out first and holds it open for me to through. There’s freaking twinkle lights everywhere, shining from railings and hanging off of poles, so many that they rival the stars in the sky. In the center of it all is a small table set up with a pristine white table cloth and a single red candle. Two place settings are already piled high with food, the delicious smells reaching my nose and making my stomach grumble.

“I thought about taking you out to somewhere nice and making everyone who sees us envious that you belong to me but I know that you won’t like all the attention. Looking the way you do, there would be a lot of people drooling. Up here, we can relax without worrying about prying eyes or interruptions. The more I thought about it, the more I liked getting to keep you all to myself for our Valentine’s date.” Kongpob speaks quickly, as if he feels like he needs to justify his decision. Tilting his head, he eyes me with worry. “P’Arthit, do you like it?”

“You know, it’s not that I don’t like being seen with you when we go out, right?” His explanation makes me sad and a little ashamed of myself that I may have inadvertently hurt Kongpob with my insecurities. That’s not something I would ever want to do. He doesn’t give me a reply so I continue, trying to make him understand even though I’m not the best with words. “It’s true that I hate being stared at, but that’s not all of it. When we go out, you’re so damn handsome that it draws everyone’s attention. It’s like on Valentine’s Day and all those giggling girls following you around. Just how many came up to give you sweets? I was beginning to think I should have locked you in your room.”

“You think I’m handsome?” Kongpob smiles widely, showing off his pearly white teeth.

“Is that all you heard?” My whole explanation, which admittedly turned more into me bitching about how popular he is, and all he hears is the compliment. Why do I bother?

“It’s the only part that’s important.” Shrugging, Kong laces his fingers with mine and pulls me over to the table. “I honestly don’t care where we are as long as you are by my side, p’Arthit. People can stare or follow me around all they want but the only one I see is you. As long as you think I’m handsome, it’s more than enough for me.”

“You’re so fucking cheesy.” I’ll never admit it but his stupid sweet talk sends a happy arrow straight to my heart. It baffles me how he can say stuff like this with a straight face, without being in the slightest bit embarrassed. It baffles me and makes me more than a little envious. “Let’s eat!”

Sitting down, I half expect him to pull out a bottle of wine to go with the food and the romantic scene he’s got going. It would fit his princely image, but I don’t see a single wine glass. In fact, I don’t see any glasses or cups or mugs. Did he forget the damn drinks?! Just as I’m about to ask, he reaches down into a cooler sitting by his chair and pulls up a to-go cup with a familiar pink drink in it and another with his usual iced coffee. I don’t know if I should laugh or complain, instead I just raise an eyebrow and accept the cup.

“What?” Kongpob gives me a sheepish look. “Okay. I know I should have something with a bigger kick to it but I didn’t want to take the chance of drinking too much. I want to be able to remember every second of this date.”

“I didn’t say anything.” Grinning down at my food, I take a sip out of my cup before setting it to the side. I may not be the best with words but Kong always knows just what to say to make my insides go to mush. “I happen to like pink milk.”

Kong’s smile brightens his face and he touches the back of my hand, a gentle caress. It’s not much but my heart shakes at the feel. This is the person I love.

The meal is as delicious as it smells. He made sure my dishes have plenty of spice and flavor, the way I like it. His are much tamer in comparison but insists on me feeding him small bites from my plate. Every time, he immediately grabs for his drink to try and cool his taste buds. It isn’t long before he asks to be fed another bite though. His antics have me laughing loudly and I try to deny him but he keeps insisting and I can’t tell him no.

After the last bite disappears into my mouth, I lean back in my chair and pat my full belly. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I’d say Kongpob succeeded with flying colors. I look up into the sky and find that all the stars have vanished while we ate, even the glow of the moon is barely peeking through the clouds. A wet drop hits my nose and another hits my cheek.

“Kong…” Before I can say anything else, the deluge hits. The sudden downpour soaks everything in sight.

“Run for the door, p’Arthit!” Picking up the basket behind his seat, Kong hurries through the rain behind me. He unlocks the door and shoves the basket into my arms as he pushes me into the dry building. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Leaving me there, he runs back into the rain with his arm over his head trying unsuccessfully to shield at least a little bit of his face. He bends down and pulls on something by the wall. All the twinkle lights go out leaving the rooftop almost completely dark except for the single light over top of the door. Kong runs back to me and closes the door behind him.

“I can clean up the rest in the morning before I return the keys.” Kong leads the way back to the elevator and is silent the whole way back to my room. His eyes are downcast and there’s a tension radiating off of him.

Walking into my room, I flip on the lights and set the basket on the table. Kong still hasn’t said a word so I turn to see if he’s okay and my heart stops entirely. My mind goes blank as I stare at the man before me. The rain thoroughly soaked the white shirt making it cling to every line and curve of muscle. Watery droplets glisten on his lightly tan skin and glide down under the open collar. He’s looking down at his toes as he runs a hand through his hair, pulling it away from his face and making it into a tousled mess. The barest hint of his belly is exposed when he does it and a flash of his sweaty bare chest while he played basketball earlier teases me. My heart pounds hard in my chest, the rhythm bringing me closer to Kong.

“P’Arthit, I’m sorry…” I can’t hear the words and I don’t care what he’s saying, the only thing I crave is to touch him. I shove him up against the wall and thread my fingers through his hair. There’s just enough time for his eyes to widen in surprise before I pull his head down and smash our lips together. It’s not gentle and I can’t wait for permission. My tongue invades the recesses of his mouth when his gasps and I taste the coffee he drank with supper. It’s delicious, better than pink milk.

It doesn’t take long for Kongpob to catch up and his arms snake around my waist. Tilting his head, he deepens the kiss and our tongues duel for dominance. Heat coils inside me and spreads with every touch, every taste, every breath that is filled with the musky scent of him.

I hastily undo the few buttons on Kong’s shirt and I push it down to expose the graceful curve of his neck and shoulders. Taking a playful nip at his bottom lip, I kiss my way down. At the base of his neck, I find that one spot and suck hard making him moan, his hands clutching at the back of my shirt. The sexy sound hits me and an answering throb comes from inside my pants. Moving away slightly, the bruise I leave behind on the flawless expanse gives me a deep satisfaction and a fierce hunger.

In an impatient frenzy, our clothes are strewn about the room until there isn’t a stitch between us, only the pair of bracelets are left on our wrists. I shove him roughly onto the bed but he doesn’t protest. His eyes flaring as I crawl on top of him, the evidence of my arousal jutting out in front of me and crashing into his own.

Everywhere our skin touches burns me. Laying on top of him, pressing as close as I can get, every thought is gone in a swirl of pleasure. Almost blindly, I kiss and lick and nibble at whatever my mouth touches and finally hit the mark when a hardened nub gets sucked between my lips. Kong’s whole body bucks up against mine causing our cocks to rub together. We both moan and Kong’s hands slide down to the curve of my ass to press me firmly against him as he does it again on purpose. The need twists inside me and I kiss him desperately before leaning up on my hands to look down at him. A rosy blush stains his skin and his eyes are heavy lidded as they stare up into mine. He’s gorgeous and I’ve never wanted anything so much in my life, but I have to make sure it’s okay.

“Can I?” There aren’t any thoughts left to be able to string together more than a few words but it’s enough. I can see the understanding light up his eyes and the nervous fear. Did I ask for too much? Does he not want to be together with me like that? His silence must be his answer. I want to take back the question but I don’t know how. As much as I want this, I want to please him more. It’s fine. “Kong…”

“I love you.” Kong’s whisper is soft but determined as he wraps his arms around me and pulls me down for a kiss. My heart skips and it takes me a second to kiss him back before I pull up to look down at him once more.

“Are you sure?” My brow crinkles in concern. I don’t want him to do this if he’s not ready. I can wait… I think. Looking down at the tempting flesh below me, maybe I can’t.

“Do you want me to change my mind?” Kong smirks up at me and leans up on his elbows to plant a gentle kiss on the side of my mouth.

“NO!” That was a little loud and he laughs at me.

Ignoring him, I roll over to the edge of the bed and pull open the small draw on my nightstand. I take out a small bottle and a box and toss them on the bed. Kong’s laugh fades away and his eyes widen comically.

There’s been more than enough talk. Not waiting for him to say anything else, I lean over to press my mouth against his, sucking on his lower lip until he opens up so my tongue can stroke against his in a soft wet swirl. My hand reaches down and wraps around his length to caress the velvety hardness. His moan is swallowed up in our kiss.

My mouth leaves a wet trail as I move lower and lower. Each nipple gets its fair share of attention making the younger man squirm. My tongue traces over his ribs and delves into his bellybutton before continue on. Kong shakes as my hot breath blows over his cock and he about jumps off the bed when I take him into my mouth. Spreading his legs further apart, I hold him down at his belly as I enjoy my task of making him crazy.

“Baby, stop! I can’t… hold… it…” His hands grip at the pillow behind his head and his chest heaves with every excited pant.

Releasing him with a dirty sounding slurp, I sit up and stare at the mess I made of him. Skin flushed and glistening with sweat, his hair is every which way and his arms are thrown up, displaying his lean body before me. My own neglected shaft throbs in appreciation of the sight. He really is too fucking perfect. I easily push him over onto his stomach and rub a hand down his back and over his ass. I hear him purr so I do it again and hear the same sexy sound. My lion likes to be petted.

I reach over for the box and tear it open to pull out one of the condoms. Picking up the bottle, I open it and pour a generous amount over my fingers. It’s cold and slippery so I rub my hands together to warm it up a bit. The movement catches Kong’s attention and his eyes get wide as he glances back at me.

“Get on your knees, Kong.” My voice is soft but he quickly obeys the order, his small round butt going up in the air while his arms and head rest on the pillow. I give each cheek a pet as a reward and he purrs in response. “Try to relax.”

Rubbing a lube coated finger over the puckered dark hole, I massage around a bit until he relaxes. Slowly, I press in one finger and I hear a hiss as it disappears to the second knuckle. My other hand reaches around circles around his softening dick and pumps a few times as I slide my finger in and out. The distraction helps until I try to add a second finger. His whole body winces at the intrusion. I pour more lube over my finger and swipe some up with my free hand as I hold steady in his tight opening. My hand goes back to work on his length, the lube making it slide easily and quickly. He quickly hardens in my hand and his hips start to thrust with the movement. My fingers move with him, gradually widening the spot. On one of his back thrusts, my fingers curve a bit inside him and he swears into the pillow. Bingo!

Removing my hands from his body, I quickly tear open the packet and fumble to put it on. This shit is a lot easier to do when you are alone and don’t have sexiest ass in all of Bangkok waiting for you. The stupid piece of plastic suddenly flings out of my hands like a rubber band and goes soaring across the room, hitting the wall. Seriously?! Opening the box again, I take out another and manage to put it on with better success. A moan escapes my mouth as I rub myself down with extra lube.

“P’Arthit?” Kong says my name in a breathless question.

I give his cheek a rub to answer him and get up on my knees. With one hand on his hip, I use the other to guide the tip of my cock to his pucker entrance and push in as gently as I can. Kong hisses as the mushroom head passes through and I pause for a bit before pushing forward again. Slowly, insane heat surrounds my length as his body fits snuggly around me. We’re both gasping for breath by the time I’ve sunk to the hilt.

Oh God! I think I’m going to die! It takes every bit of my willpower to stay still, only the thought of hurting my boyfriend keeps that tenuous thread intact. Beads of sweat break out on my forehead and drip onto his back as I lean down to kiss along his spine. Both hands grip his hips as I try not to move.

“Kong?” It’s more of a growl as I say his name through gritted teeth. I so badly want to move.

“Okay.” It’s said on a gasp as he releases a deep breath.

Moving part way out, I carefully thrust back into the tight warmth and I am gone. It’s too much. I can’t hold back. I can’t even breathe. Wrapping one arm around his waist and leaning on the other, I pump into him, my hips jerking spasmodically. Lightning waves of pleasure pour through me and I press in as deep as I can, my balls hitting against his and my face buries in his back as I shout his name.

I sit back on my heels with my head thrown back trying to catch my breath. My cock slips free of Kong and he hisses before falling on the bed. Looking down, I notice the end of the cum-filled condom sticking out of his ass still and quickly pull it free. That’s something they don’t tell you about in pornos and BL novels. Wrapping it in a tissue from the nightstand, I toss it into the waste bin and lay down beside my overly quiet boyfriend in concern.

It hits me hard what I had done to him. I wasn’t gentle. I wasn’t careful. I lost control. For me, it was indescribably amazing and I still feel the pleasurable twinges but that fact is dimmed by the thought that I may have hurt Kong.

“Kong? Kong, are you okay?” There’s no response and he doesn’t raise his head from the pillow. Guilt eats at me and tears prick at the corners of my eyes. Tentatively, I reach out and touch his arm. “Kong, did I hurt you? I’m sorry, honey. I’m so sorry.”

“I’m hurting.” His voice is muffled and gruff. Without raising his head, he grabs my hand and pushes it down between him and the bed beneath. His cock is hard and pulsing against my hand. It’s my turn to look wide-eyed at him when he looks up, his gaze scorching my skin, and he grins seductively. “My turn.”

With a quick twist, he pulls me under him and has me burning again in no time. There are no more words and he doesn’t bother to ask for permission as he does to me everything I did to him. He paid close attention and doesn’t miss a single bit, right down to the mark I left on him.

Afterwards, I have to admit that Kong is a little bit more suave with the condom than me. His didn’t go flinging across the room, a fact I will never in a million years share with him. As we lay on the bed, Kong’s arm flung over my back and our legs tangled together, I look over at him and can’t stop grinning.

“Not bad for a first time.” Leaning close, I give him a light kiss on the cheek.

“Can’t argue with that, p’Arthit.” A teasing sparkle lights up his eyes. “I think I need to get caught in the rain more often.”

“Shut it, 0062!” Smacking the back of his head, I roll over and sit up to stretch out my arms. My ass twinges in discomfort but I refuse to let the pain show. The small gift box that must have fallen out of my pocket when I tossed the pants catches my eye. It’s laying on the floor close to the bed so I reach down to pick it up. I still don’t know if he’ll like it but I’m no longer nervous about giving it to him, so I hold it out in front of his face. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Kongpob.”

“You got me a gift?” His face brightens and you’d think I was handing him the crown jewels of England. Tearing open the paper, he opens the box and stares down at the contents. It’s quiet as he lifts up one of the matching wooden beads, studying the carved initials on one side before turning it over to admire the double heart on the other. “Did you make these, p’?”

“Hnn” Nodding, I can feel a blush creeping over my face and I can’t meet his eyes when he looks over at me. “I made one for each of us to put on our bracelets.”

“They’re beautiful, p’Arthit.” Eyes glowing, he immediately removes his bracelet and unties it to put the bead on. Retying it, he hands it to me to put it back on his wrist securely. Then he pulls off my bracelet and does the same before replacing it. “It’s perfect. Thank you.”

“As long as you like it.” I look down at my bracelet and a small happy smile spreads across my face.

Placing his hands on either side of my face, Kong kisses me, his lips lingering and sending a giddy heat to my belly. “I love you, my Valentine.”

“I love you, too.”




I’m not entirely happy with the way this turned out and it’s taken longer to publish than I had planned on, so I will leave it up to the readers as to how you like it. I’m so tired from writing that I barely edited it at all. Please forgive any errors you may find.

This is my first SOTUS smut. Hope everyone enjoyed it.
Pretty sure n’Malee is going nuts about now.  LOL


*The beads were created by me so, no, you won’t find them anywhere for sale. 😉