My First Valentine – Part 1



Over the weekend there was a mass panic as guys and girls scrambled to make plans for the day most lovers and wannabe lovers look forward to every year. Flowers and sweets flew out of the shops as soon as they were on the shelves. It used to be a time that I never really thought much about, except for the bags of sweets I always ended up bringing home and never eating. I just didn’t have the heart to reject the gifts and ruin the smiles, but at least they wouldn’t go to waste. Unlike me, both of my older sisters have raging sweet-tooths and would make a point to visit home shortly after Valentines to make off with my untouched goodies.

This year is different. For the first time, I have someone to celebrate this special day for lovers. I’m strangely excited and more than a bit nervous. I also have no idea what to do to make this memorable and my loved one isn’t helping the situation at all.

Sitting slouched in the uncomfortable library chair, I watch the man across from me as he steadily writes in his open notebook. Every once in a while, he turns a page or grabs another book from the stack next him before leaning over to continue writing. Even busy with school work and ignoring my presence completely, he is still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I find my eyes always drawing back to him.

“Kongpob, you’re staring.” Without looking up, p’Arthit comments sternly. “Focus on your work.”

“But you are so much more interesting to look at, p’Arthit.” Leaning forward, I rest my chin on my hand and grin over at him, enjoying the slight blush that tints his pale skin.

“Shut up and study. I refuse to have an idiot for a boyfriend.” He glances up from his paper and smirks at me. “If I wanted that, I would have come onto ai’Bright ages ago.”

I can feel my smile widen, practically splitting my face. Anytime p’Arthit calls me his boyfriend (and it’s not often), it causes a zing straight to my heart and makes me feel giddy all over. We’re sitting in a deserted part of the library so no one is there to hear him but he said it.

“I already finished my work.” I admit sheepishly, setting the book I am holding on the table.

“Oi, then why are you sitting around here? You don’t have to stay and keep me company.” P’Arthit widens his eyes and points at the exit with his pen.

“I know I don’t have to stay. I want to stay.” Standing up, I move around the table to take the seat next to him. “I want to spend some time with you, even if it’s sitting here quietly as you do assignments.”

“You’re not exactly being quiet, 0062.” His blush deepening, p’Arthit ducks his head adorably and pretends to study the page in front of him but I can see the small smile he’s trying to hide.

“Oh? And who started it, p’Arthit?” Getting close, my lips brush the top of his ear as I whisper and his eyes close on a shiver. My heart jumps at the sight and I move a little closer. “Do you really want me to leave you alone?”

“Kong…” His head jerking up, p’Arthit quickly turns to face me and our lips meet.

It is an accident. I really didn’t plan it. I swear I didn’t but he tastes so sweet, like the pink milk he loves so much. It’s my addiction and I crave more like an addict needing a fix. Tilting my head, I press more firmly against those warm lips and my eyes close to savor the sensation before he can turn away, which I expect him to do. A small gasp escapes from him, the breath fluttering across my face as he pulls back slightly.

“Kong.” My name is quiet and gruff, not a hint of a reprimand. Another breath washes over my skin and those perfect lips touch mine again, grazing over tentatively before parting and sucking softly on my lower lip. A bolt of need curls down to the pit of my stomach when his warm, wet tongue slides over the crease of my mouth seeking entrance. Giving way, my lips part and he dives in with a soft groan, one hand threading through my hair to hold my head where he wants it. P’Arthit takes his time tasting the hidden recesses of my mouth while our tongues duel for dominance.

Not satisfied, he tugs me closer and I almost fall out of my chair. Sitting on the very edge, I clutch at the armrests to keep my balance. P’Arthit reaches over and yanks my arm. With a startled yelp, I break off our kiss and fall onto his lap.

P’Arthit takes a quick survey of the area to make sure no one is nearby or looking before settling one hand on my hip and the other behind my neck with a devilish smile. His cheeks are flushed a rosy red and his deep brown eyes glitter. Before I can do or say anything, he captures my lips for another kiss. There is no hesitancy or pause. He demands everything and I’m entranced; I have to obey. Heat coils in my core and sinks lower, a pulsing need. Everywhere our bodies touch scorches me through my clothes.

A crash of books from the other side of the library breaks through the hazy fog in my head and I jump off p’Arthit’s lap. Jolted to my senses, a new predicament insistently presents itself and I hastily sit down in my empty chair and pull one of p’Arthit’s large files over my lap. Ragged breaths matching my own come from the chair next to me and I look over to find p’Arthit doubled over with his head in his hands.

“P’Arthit?” Was that breathy, rough voice mine? I barely recognize it.

My boyfriend turns to look at me with his freshly kissed lips glistening and a fire burning in his eyes. I take back what I said about p’Arthit always being cute. Right now, looking like this, he’s not cute. He’s sexy, alluring, hotter than hell… anything but cute. I feel stripped bare by him and left as a pooling pile of want, the need to touch him almost overwhelming.

“Please don’t look at me like that.” I beg him, clutching at the file on my lap and trying to talk some sense into both of us. I really don’t want to. This is a side of p’Arthit I haven’t seen and I’m hungry for more, but I need to be able to walk out of this place. “We’re still in the school library, p’Arthit.”

“Shit!” P’Arthit grimaces and closes his eyes. His whole face turns a beat red as he hides behind his hands. “What the hell have you done to me, Kong?”

“Me?!” I can’t believe he’s trying to blame me for this. I wasn’t the one who deepened the kiss. It wasn’t me who pulled me onto his lap. How is this my fault?

“Yes, you!” Shoving everything into his bag haphazardly, p’Arthit stands up and holds it in front of him. “Come on. Let’s go.”

“You’re done with your assignment?” I ask incredulously. There’s no way he could be finished.

“No.” His voice is sharp and he grabs me by the wrist, pulling me out of the chair. I almost lose my grip on his folder as he half drags me up to the front and out the building. His steps quicken through the night, heading straight for our dorms and mumbling. “Which place is closer? Yours or mine?”

“P’, we live across from each other. There’s not much difference.” His behavior has me confused and amused… and the tiniest bit hopeful that he wants me just as bad as I want him.

“You’re right. Mine is closer.” He responds as if I had made that conclusion, not that he’s wrong. His building is maybe 30 steps closer than mine.

Just before we reach the walk up to his build, p’Arthit’s weird ringtone splits the air. He ignores it and keeps walking. A moment after it silences, several dings ring out indicating the arrival of text messages. Still, he continues to ignore his phone and leads me down the walk to his building. At the door, his phone rings again.

“I think you better answer it, p’Arthit. I don’t think whoever is on the other end is going to give up.” Though I am disappointed at the interruption, it is nothing compared to my boyfriend as he digs the phone out of his pocket and barely looks at the screen before answering it.

“What the hell do you want?” His voice is fierce, the head hazer in full force. “… Nice, Ai’Prem. I’ll take that into consideration. I know you have such delicate sensibilities … Fuck you … You gonna tell me why you called or am I supposed to guess? … What do you mean he changed the due date? … Damn it! Fine, I’ll be there in fifteen.”

“I guess this is where we have to say goodbye.” After listening to the one-sided conversation, I am able to hand the folder back to p’Arthit without embarrassing myself. It’s quite obvious that nothing else is going to happen for us tonight. His friends have spectacular timing.

“Sorry, Kongpob. I really have to go. Our project’s due date got moved up by the professor.” Looking guilty and frustrated, p’Arthit rubs a hand over his face and gives me an awkward half smile.

“It’s fine, p’Arthit. Go do your project. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Wrapping my fingers in the collar of his shirt, I pull him close and plant a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth. My pitch deepens as I try to sound seductive. “Besides, we still have Valentines to celebrate this coming weekend. Is there anything you want? … Or should I just wrap myself up in a big red bow?”

“Kongpob!” P’Arthit squawks and pushes me away. With a furious blush, he pecks me on the cheek and rushes into the darkening night. “Pervert.”