The Way My Heart Beats, Part 2


Part 2: Baby, I’m Yours

Pete hugs me close, burying his face into my shoulder and tickling the side of my face with his hair. The unsteady thrum of his heart against his chest, echoes mine. My hands rub in slow circles on his back, the fingers catching the edge of his shirt and pulling it up. Sliding one hand over the exposed skin, I turn my face into Pete’s neck and breathe in his scent, a mixture of clean soap and a muskiness that is all him.

The smooth expanse of his neck is too tempting, his smell too intoxicating. I plant a small kiss just below his ear, making Pete inhale sharply. He tilts his head to give me better access, silently asking for more, and I’m not going to deny him. My lips travel down his throat, nipping and sucking at his skin, tasting the sweet saltiness. When I get to the base of his neck, Pete groans in my arms and a swirl of heat hits my groin. All of my focus is on that small section of his neck, his quiet moans and panting urging me on.

“Earn!” Pushing on my shoulders, Pete pulls away and I see the beginnings of a nice bruise where my lips had just been. There’s no time to think about it as Pete’s eyes catch mine and I’m burned by them. Slowly, I walk forward and Pete is forced to step back until he runs into the side of my bed and collapses onto it.


Baby I’m yours
And I’m yours until the stars fall from the sky
Yours until the rivers all run dry
In other words until the day I die
Baby I’m yours (baby I’m yours)
And I’m yours until the sun no longer shines (yeah)
Yours until the poets run out of rhymes
In other words until the end of time

*‘Baby I’m Yours’ by the Artic Monkeys*

( )

My phone’s loud ringtone startles us and I jump back with a guilty flush. Pete half rolls, half tumbles off the bed, falling onto the floor. Trying unsuccessfully to stifle my laughter, I watch Pete scramble up with a disgruntled expression as I pick up the phone to see who is calling.

“Hello, Ma.” I greet her after swiping the screen and putting the phone to my ear.

“Hi, baby. Papa and I are leaving for the company dinner so I can’t talk for long.” Her voice is harried and tinged with excitement. “I just wanted to check in and make sure you’re doing okay.”

“Everything’s fine, Ma.” Glancing over at Pete who is leaning against the side of my bed with an arm on his bent knee, my grin widens and I wink at him. “Really fine.”

“You made up with nong Pete, didn’t you?” I can hear the smile in Ma’s voice.

“We weren’t fighting.”

“Sure you weren’t.” Her sarcasm comes through loud and clear. “You can’t fool me, sweetie. I’m your mother. You’ve been moping around the house since finals were over and you suddenly stopped hanging out with nong Pete 24/7.”


“Tell nong Pete I said hello and don’t stay up too late.” Ma giggles when I sigh. “Love you! Bye-bye!”

“Love you, too.” Shaking my head, I lower the phone and end the call.

“Who were you not fighting with?” Pete looks up at me with curiosity and a strange glint in his eyes.

“The cutest guy I know.” Grinning, I watch as Pete frowns and looks away. I lean down and kiss the corner of his forehead. “You’re even cuter when you’re jealous.”

“I’m not jealous.” Red stains his cheeks as he glares at me.

“Sure you’re not.” Laughing, I grab his wrists and pull him up so he’s standing next to me. “Let’s go get something to eat.”

“What about the snack I brought you?” Pete picks up the forgotten package of squid from the floor and hands it to me.

“We can snack on this on the way.” Taking the tasty snack, I wrap an arm around Pete’s shoulders and hold it up. “I’m hungry for more than this.”

“We are talking about food, right?” My playful leer has Pete elbowing me in the side.

“Whatever you say, love.”


I know it’s been a long wait. A few already know, but my keyboard for my computer died and it took me a while to go buy a replacement but I’m back up and typing again. Part 3 (smut included) will be posted (hopefully) soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy Part 2. Sorry if there’s typos. I haven’t really had a chance to edit it.

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