6. Home: Part 2


Strong sexual content

Only read if you are old enough and mature enough. If not, please find another story to read.


This is a fanfiction based off the novel, LoveSick, written by P’Hed. The characters are hers. Only the story is mine.


Part 2

“Welcome home, Mick.” Ohm’s husky voice whispers in Mick’s ear.

“It’s good to be home, P’.” Eyeing his handsome boyfriend, Mick tugs open Ohm’s belt. “But we’re not done yet.”

“Mick.” The slight warning in Ohm’s voice is ignored as the younger man focuses on getting rid of the last bit of clothing. “Mick!” The voice gets louder with a bit of panic as the shorts and boxers disappear, exposing just how turned on Ohm really is. “We should really slo…”

“Shut up, Ohm.” Pushing the man onto his back, Mick straddles him and lays down so they are chest to chest. Ohm grits his teeth at the contact and tries to say something again, but is stopped by two full lips and an eager tongue. Then every thought in his head splinters as Mick’s hips start to move, sliding over his hard-on again and again slowly. Unable to stand it any longer, Ohm makes a move to hold those teasing hips but is thwarted as Mick grabs him by the wrists and holds them down on either side of his head. “Don’t even think about moving your hands.”

Ohm could easily break the hold of his lover but his hands remain where instructed when Mick lets go. A teasing grin spreads across Mick’s face as he sits up. His eyes are possessive as they look over the contours of his boyfriend’s body, his fingers touching and caressing every inch causing Ohm to shiver and grip the pillow behind his head to keep from moving. Soon, Mick’s pink tongue licks along the same path, lingering over sensitive spots and nipping at the hard brown nipples. Ohm’s breathing hitches as Mick’s tongue moves further down to dip into his bellybutton.

When Mick nips at his hip bone, his soft cheek rubbing against the side of a very eager cock, Ohm has had enough. Sitting up, he drags Mick with him as moves up to lean again the headboard and pulls him to straddle his lap. One of Ohm’s hands grips Mick’s waist while the other laces through the soft locks of hair, holding the boy in place as he kisses him roughly. Their tongues entwine and a soft moan comes from the back of Mick’s throat.

Pulling back, Ohm reaches over and opens the drawer on his nightstand. He takes out a box of ultrathin condoms and a bottle of lubricant. Setting them on the comforter beside them, the older raises an eyebrow in question and slides an affectionate finger down the side of the younger’s face. Mick gives him an impish smile in return, a blush staining his already pink cheeks a darker shade, and captures Ohm’s finger between his small white teeth. Holding the hand in place at the wrist, he scrapes his teeth across the pad of the digit before sucking it into his mouth. Ohm’s eyes widen and then narrow as he growls, trying to control a sudden wave of overwhelming hunger.

Determined to have his way, Mick releases the finger but continues to hold onto the wrist with one hand and grabs the bottle of lube with his other. He spreads a good amount over Ohm’s fingers and pushes the hand down between his legs, clearly indicating exactly what he wants. Mick licks Ohm’s full lower lip, seeking entrance, as his fingers tease the blunt head of Ohm’s dick. When he wraps his hand around the hard shaft and slides down to the base, Ohm gasps, letting Mick’s tongue invade the warm crevasse for a long taste.

Giving in to his need, Ohm’s dripping fingers work their way through the soft pubic hair of Mick’s balls to the dark entrance of his ass. He dips the end of one finger in and Mick’s hand tightens slightly on his dick as it continues to pump up and down in a very distracting way. Pushing further until his whole finger disappears, Ohm’s mouth catches the quiet whimper and Mick’s hand stills. When he adds a second, the whimper is louder and Mick’s hands move to his shoulders to hold on. Scissoring his fingers back and forth, Ohm widens him more and Mick lowers his head to bite the base of Ohm’s neck against the burning sensation. As his body adjusts, Mick begins moving with the fingers and his teeth are replaced with his lips and hot breath moving up the neck to latch onto Ohm’s ear.

“Fuck.” That throws off the last bit of Ohm’s control and he blindly grabs a condom out of the box. Before he can open the foil pack, Mick takes it out of his hands and rips it open instead. He expertly unrolls it down Ohm’s length and pours a thick drizzle of lube over it. Massaging it around, he makes sure not to miss any part and causes Ohm to hiss out his breath at the teasing. “You’re fucking killing me here.”

“You’re not dead, yet.” Mick gives a playful last swipe over Ohm’s sensitive skin.

“Brat.” Ohm pulls Mick up with one hand and crashes their lips together as he positions the head of his dick at Mick’s opening. Rubbing back and forth, he elicits a shiver from his younger lover.

“Now, P’. I want you now.” Demanding, Mick doesn’t wait for an answer and pushes down until Ohm’s throbbing head gets past the tight opening. He pauses, willing his body to relax, before sliding the rest of the way down.

Ohm’s hands reach behind him and grip the headboard as his cock is swallowed up by the intense heat and tightness of Mick’s body. It’s been too long and feels too good, but he knows that Mick needs time to adjust. Holding back with a death grip on his bed, Ohm does his best to stay still.

The pain fades, replaced with a feeling of fullness, and Mick makes a tentative movement, sliding a tiny bit forward and back. He moves again, going further, and Ohm growls deep in his throat with his teeth clenched. Another slide up, almost to the end, and down and Ohm is lost.

Leaning forward, Ohm wraps his arms around Mick’s narrow waist and frantically plants kisses along the long, pale neck. He slides his hands down to cup the small, round ass as Mick rides him. Holding on, he squeezes the soft flesh, making Mick squirm and then moan loudly as that thrust hits the perfect spot.

Mick leans back with his hands gripping Ohm’s shoulders for support as he twists and bucks his hips, his moans getting louder. His hard cock bounces in front of him, slapping against Ohm’s belly, as the pleasure builds. Panting and needing release, Mick’s hand wraps around his own seeping dick and starts jerking up and down, sending stars bursting through his vision.

Ohm arches forward and licks Mick’s nipple before sucking it into his mouth and Mick’s world shatters. With a shout, he coats Ohm’s sweat slicked abs in a sticky white mess. Mick throws his head back as he rides out the last waves of his orgasm.

The muscles spasming around his hard cock send Ohm over the edge. Grabbing the thin hips, he rolls over until Mick is under him and thrusts into the hot, wet heat over and over again. Lifting the knees, he buries himself as deep as he can and the tightly knotted pressure explodes, sending lightning bursts of pleasure across his nerves. Moaning Mick’s name, he fills the end of the condom.

Panting, Ohm holds the end of the condom as he pulls out and lets Mick’s legs fall back onto the bed. He wraps the used condom in a tissue from the nightstand and throws it in the wastebasket on the floor. Looking back at his lover, Ohm admires the blush-stained skin, kiss-swollen lips, and heavy-lidded round eyes. This is a view no one else gets to see, only him. This beautiful guy with the sweetest heart belongs to him and Ohm couldn’t be happier.

“Don’t fall asleep, Mick. We need a shower.” Pointing at the mess on his stomach, Ohm gives a teasing grin to his boyfriend. “You need to take responsibility for the mess you made.”

“Ah, P’, can’t we just sleep? I’m so tired.” Mick curls up on his side and peeks at Ohm from under one arm.

“No.” With that, Ohm stands and picks up Mick, one arm under his shoulders and the other under his knees.

“Ohm!” Giggling, Mick smacks Ohm gently on the forehead. “I can walk myself.”

“So?” Not letting him down, Ohm carries him into the bathroom. A lot of playful caresses and stolen kisses later, they come out wrapped in towels and smelling of soap. They change into clean boxers and tank tops to sleep in.

“I’m thirsty. Do you have anything to drink, P’Ohm?” Mick stifles a yawn with his hand.

“Let’s go see.” Unlocking the door, Ohm walks out to the kitchen with Mick following behind.

“Do you want some juice?” Pulling out a carton of orange juice, Ohm holds it up for Mick to see.

“Sure.” Grabbing a glass from the drying rack, Mick hands it over and Ohm fills it up but refuses to hand it back. “Come on, P’. Give it over.”

“You have to pay for it first.” Setting the glass on the counter behind him, Ohm pulls Mick over and presses him against the refrigerator. Mick’s arms wind around Ohm’s neck and he kisses the waiting lips.

“Shhh! You’re gonna wake up Ohm!” A ragged whisper interrupts them as the front door slams open.

“You’re the one who turned the handle making us fall through.” The door closes with a soft click and a thump is heard as a body hits the wall, followed by the rustle of clothing.

“Not here, you horny bastard.” Noh whispers loudly, his breathing heavy.

“Ohm’s asleep. He’s not gonna wake up as long as you can keep quiet.” The need in his voice is evident as Phun retorts.

“Says the guy who freaked out his sister the last time she visited.” Noh’s snickers stop at the sound of his head getting smacked.

“You started it that time.” Phun tries to defend himself.

“Whatever. You…” Noh’s voice is cut off suddenly and the shuffling of feet comes down the short entrance hallway.

Ohm and Mick stand in the kitchen as they watch the two guys come into view. Phun’s hands are pulling at Noh’s clothes as he walks backwards, his lips nipping at Noh’s ear. Hands gripping the exposed skin at Phun’s waist, Noh’s eyes are closed and a shudder runs through him as he blindly follows Phun into the room.

Clearing his throat, Ohm slaps a hand across Mick’s eyes. Phun and Noh freeze at the sound and both heads whip around, their eyes wide. Mick pulls at the hand and peeks out over the fingers.

“Ohm!” Blushing furiously, Noh rubs the back of his head and steps away from Phun.

“Hello, Ohm.” Phun, never one burdened by embarrassment, greets Noh’s best friend. “Nong Mick, is that you? Hi. When did you get back?”

“Hi, P’Phun. I just got back this evening.” Mick’s eyes dance in delight at the situation. “Hello, P’Noh.”

“Hi, Mick.” Eyes narrowing, a knowing grin spreads across Noh’s face. “Staying the night?”

Phun’s eyes roll as he realizes where this is leading. The teasing between Noh and Ohm has never stopped. Before his snarky boyfriend can say anything, he grabs his hand and pulls him towards the bedroom.

“Noh!” A glint on Noh’s left hand catches Ohm’s attention. “What’s that on your finger?”

Noh’s blush deepens, turning even the tips of his eyes a dark shade of red, and Phun smiles widely, showing off all of his pearly white teeth. As Phun is about to answer, Noh covers his mouth with a hand and shoves him into the bedroom roughly. A matching glint comes from Phun’s left hand as he stumbles through the doorway.

“Night!” Noh shouts as he slams and locks his bedroom door.

“What was that about?” Mick asks in confusion.

“I think Phun turned Noh’s prank to his advantage.” Laughing, Ohm shakes his head and hands the glass of orange juice to Mick. “Let’s go to bed, bae.”

After drinking the juice and rinsing the glass, Ohm and Mick walk back into the bedroom and close the door, making sure to lock it before crawling under the covers. Mick curls up against Ohm’s wide chest, wrapped securely in his arms. Ohm kisses him on the forehead.

“I love you, Mick.” Ohm whispers against the smooth skin.

“Love you too, Ohm.” Mick manages to say back before yawning widely and snuggling closer.


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