New SOTUS Fan Fiction

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I recently posted a new short SOTUS fan fiction titled Beautiful on my Wattpad account. It is about the character Toota and how you define beautiful. If you are interested in reading it, please click the link below. Enjoy!



*SOTUS and it’s characters are not mine, only this story belongs to me.


Reflection of the Sun Update

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Chapter 8 of my SOTUS the Series fan fiction, Reflection of the Sun, is now posted for those interested in reading it.

Reflection of the Sun
Chapter 8: Wants, Blames, & Airplanes

Vampire SOTUS Fan Fiction

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I just posted a new fan fiction based off SOTUS, a Thai series and novel by Bittersweet. This was written at the request of a friend of mine and I hope everyone enjoys it.

What happens when a 500+ year old vampire with a taste for iced coffee meets the pink milk monster of the SOTUS hazing team? It’s SOTUS with a whole new twist.


*SOTUS and it’s characters belong to Bittersweet.
Only this fan fiction and any new characters I create are mine.

A SOTUS Valentine Special

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is over. Yes, this is a little late. Oh Well!

I’ve posted the first two parts to my SOTUS Valentine special fanfic, My First Valentine. There will be one more part before it’s done.


My First Valentine
The special day for lovers everywhere approaches and Kongpob is excited to
have someone special to spend it with for the first time.

Part 1: Monday

Part 2: Day of Hearts

This is a fanfiction based off of SOTUS, which is a Thai BL novel & Series written by Bittersweet.
Only this story and any characters I create are mine.
I recommend checking it out but the novel isn’t officially translated into English yet.
You can watch the series with English subtitles on YouTube.

SOTUS the Series Fan Fiction

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For those interested, I have added a new story. This time it a fan fiction for SOTUS the Series, based off the Thai BL novel by Bittersweet.

This short fanfiction tells the story of two pillows and rumpled blankets. If you’ve been following the series, I’m sure you know exactly which scene I am talking about. If you haven’t been watching (I seriously recommend you do) and haven’t read the novel yet (read it, too), this is still a sweet story about first love. You just might miss a bit of the references.

I hope everyone enjoys it.                     …Fair warning – This is NOT a smut fic.

-Jae Le-

The Second Night

*My usual warning with my fan fiction:
SOTUS and it’s characters belong to Bittersweet.

Only this story is mine.*