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Secret Heart Update

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Chapter 5 of my Lovesick fan fiction, Secret Heart, has been posted.



Update to Secret Heart

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Yes, I finally updated my Phun-Noh fanfic, Secret Heart. This story uses characters from the Thai BL Novel/Series Lovesick, written by p’Hed. The story is original and written by me though.

Chapter 4 – Confused & Hungry… Mostly Hungry


*Lovesick and it’s characters are not mine,
only this story and it’s original characters belong to me*

Engaged – Part 3 is Posted

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I have posted the newest chapter to my Phun-Noh fanfiction, Engaged. The boys are in university and a new rumor has Noh’s heart on the brink of shattering. Is Phun really getting engaged?

*As always, this is based off the Thai novel/series called Lovesick, written by p’Hed. I only claim this story and any original characters I created myself*

Engaged – Part 3


Not Alone Update

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The next chapter for my Per-Win fan fiction, Not Alone, is now posted for those interested in reading it. This new chapter has Per going crazy, Win seems happy with Mark, and the campus is overrun with non-Friday students (including some cute girls).
If you’ve seen season 2, you haven’t seen it like this. I have hijacked the story and taken it off-road. It’s Per-Win like you’ve only imagined. Enjoy the ride.

PerWin (1)

Not Alone
Chapter 10: Without You, There’s No Me

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Fun Fan Artwork

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I want to share this drawing I did because I think it turned out pretty cool. As fans of White and Captain (actors from LoveSick) already know, the boys have their favorite characters. White has a love for the cute character of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Captain is really into all things Minion from Despicable Me.

*I do NOT claim the characters/actors from LoveSick, Lilo and Stitch, or Despicable Me, only this drawing is mine*


If you would like to see more of my LS fan art, you can check it out on my facebook page: LoveSick – Black & White

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