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Secret Heart Update

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Chapter 5 of my Lovesick fan fiction, Secret Heart, has been posted.



Update to Secret Heart

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Yes, I finally updated my Phun-Noh fanfic, Secret Heart. This story uses characters from the Thai BL Novel/Series Lovesick, written by p’Hed. The story is original and written by me though.

Chapter 4 – Confused & Hungry… Mostly Hungry


*Lovesick and it’s characters are not mine,
only this story and it’s original characters belong to me*

Engaged – Part 3 is Posted

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I have posted the newest chapter to my Phun-Noh fanfiction, Engaged. The boys are in university and a new rumor has Noh’s heart on the brink of shattering. Is Phun really getting engaged?

*As always, this is based off the Thai novel/series called Lovesick, written by p’Hed. I only claim this story and any original characters I created myself*

Engaged – Part 3