A SOTUS Valentine Special

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is over. Yes, this is a little late. Oh Well!

I’ve posted the first two parts to my SOTUS Valentine special fanfic, My First Valentine. There will be one more part before it’s done.


My First Valentine
The special day for lovers everywhere approaches and Kongpob is excited to
have someone special to spend it with for the first time.

Part 1: Monday

Part 2: Day of Hearts

This is a fanfiction based off of SOTUS, which is a Thai BL novel & Series written by Bittersweet.
Only this story and any characters I create are mine.
I recommend checking it out but the novel isn’t officially translated into English yet.
You can watch the series with English subtitles on YouTube.

Secret Heart Update

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Chapter 2 of Secret Heart is now posted.

Phun is still in a nasty frame of mind, still drinking Fi’s bourbon, and still sitting alone at the corner table. Can a single voice change his mood? Can it change his whole world?


Chapter 2: Sooth the Savage Beast

*As I said before, the characters are not mine. I am only borrowing them.
They are from LoveSick, a Thai internet novel and series.
The story is mine. *


Ohm-Mick Story, HOME: Part 2

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Another addition to the Gutter Files!

This time, again by request, the story continues to delve into the personal lives of Ohm and Mick. As if you don’t already know, but there is strong sexual content. Only read if you are old enough and mature enough to handle it, otherwise please find another story to read. The rest of you, please enjoy the new chapter, Home: Part 2. If you haven’t read the first part, here is the link for it: Home: Part 1.

This is a fanfiction based off the novel, LoveSick, written by P’Hed. The characters are hers and the story is mine.Ohm-Mick_sm

Aim’s Knight

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One of my Phun POV fanfics based off the characters in P’Hed’s novel LoveSick.  This is my story about how Phun met Aim.  We don’t know how they began or what really happened in their relationship, except for how it ends.  This is my take on what may have happened.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please like/comment.

Thanks for reading!  -Jae

Aim’s Knight

Stretching my arms up, I stifle a yawn and look at the students from my school loitering along the street. Some are flirting with girls from the convent, but most are hanging out in small groups laughing and talking. Looking to the left, I see a beautiful girl watching me. A small smile spreads across her face when I look her way and I smile back though I really don’t feel like it. I’m just too tired.

‘She’s beautiful.’ That was my thought the first time I saw her. It’s probably the first thought of anyone when they see her. Flawless skin, silky black hair, and the beginning hint of feminine curves are more than enough to catch most guys’ attention. Her wide eyes and full pouting lips can bring them to their knees. She is the dream of perfection guys tend to want and girls envy.  Read the rest of this entry »

I Miss You

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This is another fanfic I wrote for LoveSick, a Thai novel.  As always, LoveSick and its characters are not mine, only this little story is.  It’s told in Phun’s POV again and follows after Almost A Kiss and TornThe smex fic, The First, I wrote in The Gutter Files takes place after this fic.  I hope you enjoy this one and leave a comment.  Thanks!

I faintly hear a loud, annoying ringing in my ears that is dragging me back to consciousness. Reaching up, I give my alarm clock a loud smack but it persists and is making the pain in my head even worse. After batting at it a few times, I manage to grab it and throw it roughly across the room where it bangs against the wall and falls to the floor, hopefully dead. Unfortunately, now I’m awake but I wish I wasn’t. I’ve barely had any sleep in the last two nights, which makes me even less willing to face this day.

Today is Monday, a day I have been dreading all weekend. A day that I have been longing for and I hate myself for it. Sunday was long, horribly long, and lonely. The night was worse as I lay in my bed, wide awake. No matter which way I turned or how I adjusted the temperature, I just couldn’t get comfortable. Read the rest of this entry »


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This is another short LoveSick fanfic.  A follow-up to Almost A Kiss.  It was requested by a few readers that I continue writing these.  Since I am still inspired by the mind of Phun, I wrote another from his perspective.  While it is not necessary for you to have read P’Hed’s novel, I do recommend that you at least read Almost A Kiss first. 

As before, LoveSick and its characters were created by our dear P’Hed.  Only the this little story is mine.  ~Jae Mi 

How do I face him? How do I explain myself? What do I say? What can I say? I have no idea. I don’t know what happened in his room in that moment. I’m not sure what it is that I felt or why I felt that way. All I know is that I wanted to kiss Noh. I wanted to kiss him and I wanted him to kiss me back. I had never wanted anything so much.

Riding behind Noh on the motorcycle isn’t helping me sort out my thoughts. There isn’t much room on the seat so I can’t help but press up against him. (Why do these fucking seats have to be so small?) I can feel the heat radiating off of him, warming my cold skin as I hold on to his sides. It makes me want to snuggle into his back and wrap my arms firmly around him, like we did as we slept last night. I tense up trying to resist that temptation. Read the rest of this entry »

Almost A Kiss

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This is a short fanfiction I wrote for the Thai novel LoveSick.  You don’t actually have to read the novel in order to understand and enjoy this short story.  All credit for LoveSick and the characters of Phun and Noh go to their wonderful creator P’Hed.  Only this little story is mine and it is told in first person from Phun’s perspective.  I hope you enjoy reading it and leave a comment or push the like button.  Thanks!  ~Jae Mi

It was a moment I hadn’t expected or really even thought could possibly happen. The moment when I realized that I saw Noh as more than just a friend, even more than a best friend. The moment when I looked into his eyes and couldn’t look away. I could feel each heart beat in my chest as my senses were filled by him. The clean smell of his soap. The sound of his breathing. The feel of his smooth skin under my fingertips as I wiped his face with the napkin. In that moment, there was only him in my life and I knew.

I have always thought Noh was cute. With his clear pale skin, laughing eyes, and a smile that can light up the whole school, there is no other way to describe him. I often found myself smiling just from catching a glimpse of his animated face. Read the rest of this entry »