Vampire SOTUS Fan Fiction

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I just posted a new fan fiction based off SOTUS, a Thai series and novel by Bittersweet. This was written at the request of a friend of mine and I hope everyone enjoys it.

What happens when a 500+ year old vampire with a taste for iced coffeeĀ meets the pink milk monster of the SOTUS hazing team? It’s SOTUS with a whole new twist.


*SOTUS and it’s characters belong to Bittersweet.
Only this fan fiction and any new characters I create are mine.

A SOTUS Valentine Special

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is over. Yes, this is a little late. Oh Well!

I’ve posted the first two parts to my SOTUS Valentine special fanfic, My First Valentine. There will be one more part before it’s done.


My First Valentine
The special day for lovers everywhere approaches and Kongpob is excited to
have someone special to spend it with for the first time.

Part 1: Monday

Part 2: Day of Hearts

This is a fanfiction based off of SOTUS, whichĀ is a Thai BL novel & SeriesĀ written byĀ Bittersweet.
Only this story and any characters I create are mine.
I recommend checking it out but the novel isn’t officially translated into English yet.
You can watch the series with English subtitles on YouTube.

Secret Heart, Ch 3

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Hello everyone. Yes, I have finally posted a new chapter in my Secret Heart story. Chapter 3 – Single & Transferred is now up and ready to be read. Hangovers, a secret revealed, a new job, and soup… what the hell is happening with Noh?


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*A lot of theĀ characters, including the main ones of Phun and Noh,Ā are based off the Thai novel/series calledĀ Lovesick written by p’Hed. This story has no relation toĀ Lovesick other than that. It is an original story withĀ a fewĀ original characters created by me.

Not Alone Update

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The next chapter for my Per-Win fan fiction, Not Alone, is now posted for those interested in reading it. This new chapter hasĀ Per going crazy, Win seems happy with Mark, and the campus is overrun with non-Friday students (including some cute girls).
If you’ve seen season 2, you haven’t seen it like this.Ā I haveĀ hijacked the story and taken it off-road. It’s Per-Win like you’ve only imagined. Enjoy the ride.

PerWin (1)

Not Alone
Chapter 10: Without You, There’s No Me

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Secret Heart Update

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Chapter 2 of Secret Heart is now posted.

Phun is still in a nasty frame of mind, still drinking Fi’s bourbon, and still sitting alone at the corner table. Can a single voice change his mood? Can it change his whole world?


Chapter 2: Sooth the Savage Beast

*As I said before, the characters are not mine. I am only borrowing them.
They are from LoveSick, a Thai internet novel and series.
The story is mine. *


New Story – Chapter 1 Posted

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SecretĀ Heart is a new story I created using the characters from LoveSick: the Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Boys (novel & series) by p’Hed. This story is separate from LoveSick, putting our LS guys in a different situation with a few familiar undertones. Some truths are universal andĀ some hearts were always meant to be.

To find out more, follow the link below. Happy Reading!

Secret Heart

New Chapter in Phun’s Chaotic Love

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I have posted a new chapter for my Phun’s Chaotic Love section, based off of Lovesick. The new chapter, titled A Father’s Fear, gives a different perspective on the events that unfolded at the end of Lovesick Season 2. This chapter is in Phun’s father’s point of view and gives a voice to what he may have felt during that time. Then there is always the question of just how much he knows about Phun and Noh’s relationship. If you want to find out the answer, please check out A Father’s Fear.

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*I do not own Lovesick or its characters. Only this story is mine.*