A Different Kind of Perfect

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I’ve started writing a story on here called A Different Kind of Perfect.  I don’t know if it will be any good.  I can’t promise you’ll love it.  I can say that I will do my best in writing it and, even if there is only one person who reads it, I hope you like it.  You can click on the title link to go to the intro page.  It’s about a boy in his final year of high school who thinks he has it all figured out.  Fate has a different plan for him.

Yes, I changed the title from Perfect is Overrated.  I wasn’t happy with it so I changed it.


A Little Light

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A Little Light

This little light that burns so bright,

Lightens my way in the dark of night,

Taking my blindness to give me sight.

Let the light glide and grow,

Brightening the shadows with its glow,

Filling me up, heart and soul.

No need to cower and hide,

Just let this feeling come alive,

In the end, it’s more than pride.

It’s my life that has begun,

With a light brighter than the sun,

That completes me, I am done.